Who says Modest Girls cannot adopt their style to something skater girl or even a little Punk chic.  We have been collaborating with Diamantine since the summer. As we glide into Autumn, we show you how different women can rock djellaba or kaftan. 

Modest Fashion Friday

Modest Fashion Friday| Skater Girl Punk Covered

You can go classic disco shoe to match the djellaba and a funky scarf.  Or you can go all out skater girl with a pair of classic Vans.  It all about how your feeling that day. 

Skater Girl Punk Covered
Modest Fashion Friday| Skater Girl Punk Covered

Shoes: Air & Grace

It shows how versatile djellaba's & kaftans are.  They are also the most versatile piece of clothing to take you from Summer to Autumn. Founded in 2003, Diamantine has over 130 stores around the world in France, Netherlands, Canada, Ivory Coast, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Morocco and more.Diamantine has that touch of heritage style and combining the best in Moroccan fabrics. Traditional design with an edge of luxury fashion.

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Photos: Sachin Ghataaura

Model: Ayan

Oct 16, 2020

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