We recently came across MUTU - a very interesting exercise program designed for mothers to help them regain their confidence after giving birth. As a mother with a very traumatic childbirth memories, I found it all very inspirational and I believe that you would love to learn about it too. So let's start from the beginning.

Founded by a woman, led by women, made for mothers, MUTU System empowers their growing army of over 68,000 women in over 150 countries to feel strong, body positive and confident from the inside, out. Statistics are already pretty impressive right?

MUTU System is a 12-module specialist core and pelvic floor online programme for over 68,000 mothers in over 150 countries around the world - young and old, expectant and established, of all shapes and sizes ‚Äď proven to remedy physical symptoms such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, painful sex and diastasis recti, which can lead to embarrassment, anxiety, discomfort and a lack of confidence.

The most medically recommended and trusted postpartum recovery programme mothers can buy, MUTU System, which stands for Mummy Tummy System, was launched 10 years ago and has a 94% success rate for clients feeling better in and about their bodies, including 97% who said they could now find and engage their pelvic floor muscles.

Reportedly favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton following the birth of her children, MUTU System comprises of unique features and programmes including four MUTU Core workouts and four MUTU Intensive workouts taught over 12-modules and demonstrated by Founder and maternal health expert Wendy Powell, her high-quality team of qualified MUTU Pro’s and MUTU Mamas. The programme also includes the flagship MUTU Breath techniques as part of every workout, which teaches mothers how to reconnect with, find and start to strengthen their pelvic floor and core muscles. MUTU System membership is interspersed with other educational and inspiring features to keep mothers engaged and empowered each step of their MUTU journey.

MUTU System‚Äôs mission is to change everything we thought we knew about body positivity, as it is grounded in the belief that every woman deserves the dignity and pleasure of a body that works and that feels good. This insight served as an impetus for MUTU System to launch the MUTU So You Can‚ĄĘ initiative to encourage body positivity, dignity, inclusivity and diversity amongst mothers.

Wendy Powell, a mother of two then under-five children, founded MUTU System on the inspiration drawn from the lasting damage caused by a traumatic childbirth in which Wendy almost lost her life. Her focus with MUTU System is to empower women around the world through a community focused platform to put mothers back in control of their own bodies.


Aug 23, 2020

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