Another day, another novelty to celebrate. Burgers, lipstick and now, yes, handbags. It's National Handbag Day and our Fashion and Lifestyle Editor, Amira Arasteh sat down to learn more about new off-trend bag brand, Beck, speaking to its founder and designer Leigh Moose.

While we can’t complain too much as any excuse to embrace our love for one of our favourite accessories, it's also a chance to look at the history of the humble handbag and our most favourable styles.

Don't let the dreary winter weather get you down with Beck's brightly-coloured bags

Whether you like them big and boxy or the contemporary crossbody, our bags add somewhat of a finishing touch to our outfits, let alone the being a saviour in terms of keeping our purses, lipsticks, sunglasses, headphones and every other essential item we carry around with us on a daily basis compact.

The power of a handbag is quite phenomenal; not only do these accessories offer fashion and function but ‚ÄėIt bags‚Äô, as they‚Äôve come to be known, cause eyes to widen and multiple zeroed figures be paid across the counter to be the lucky owner of one. Designer bags; bags specifically for summer - there's even bags made from reused or upcycled materials that are making waves in the fashion accessories world.

A Brief History


Beck bags

Founded upon founder Leigh Moose's handbag obsession, the brand champions all things bold and bright, providing fashion, function and fun. Choosing not to follow the seasonal trends, Beck bags aim to make the wearer feel their best and not worry about whether yellow is a suitable colour for winter time. With three predominant collections: classic handbags, small accessories and specialty prints, there's something for every Beck girl.

Speaking with Leigh Moose on her off-trend motivated bag brand, Beck
Firstly, how do you feel about these 'national' days for pretty much everything now?

We love them and the more obscure the better!

Do you love the novelty?

Yes! Some are pretty random, but they are so fun!

Does it help your business at all?

Yes...They give us easy marketing tools to play around with. Our team has a pretty unique sense of humour so the more obscure the better for us! Like National Teddy Bear day we were able to feature our teddy bear brown handbag!!

For those who don't know, could you tell us what prompted you to start Beck as a business?

My complete and utter addiction to handbags and not being able to find just the right one!!

Beck has leather bags and accessories - all able to transition across seasons
What's your favourite bag style/colour?

Tough...depends on the day. Right now, I am all about the neons!!! I am a classic tote girl but have completely fallen in love with carrying our Hayes bag!

Are you more of a bold, loud person or a minimalist? Referring to the different colours your bags come in.

I am definitely a BOLD person...I carry the yellow neon. I will say however there is something to be said for a good neutral and I love love love our Mushroom, light taupe!

Do you remember your first handbag? What was it?

My very first hand bag...tough...the first I remember freaking over was an oversized tote in white and the front had a beach scene on it in plastic with blue water and glitter floating around in it. The straps were silver metallic. It was a bag to make Cyndi Lauper proud! I babysat and dog walked almost all summer for that bag! Note please that I was 12. My first big girl handbag was a Chanel and then I quickly moved on to Céline!

If your bags weren't leather, what other material would you invest in for your brand?

Hmmmm...interesting question. I love a canvas bag done well, like the Hermès garden tote...probably would go that route although I love leather so much!

This bold and bright backpack from Beck might be just what our winter wardrobe needs
What other bag brands inspire you?

Chanel for their classic flair, Céline for the modern edge and Tom Ford for their bad ass quality hardware.

Your bags fall into three main categories: what's next for Beck?

World Domination...We see beck as a lifestyle. Bags and other accessories. I am loving having a storefront of all things Beck and can see that becoming a movement within the company. I would love to add a couple other styles and small leather items. I would also like to see more men carrying our bags so it's up to me to find out what works for men in the accessory world!

Shop Beck bags online now.

Oct 10, 2020

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