For anyone who might have cancelled a dentist appointment because of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown, we've got expert tips and tricks on how to keep your teeth in tip top condition until your next check up.

Dental hygiene is probably now more important than ever - if you're anything like us and have been on a brownie/banana bread/cookie baking bender. According to Dr. Deepak Aulak, co-founder of the Tooth Fairy app (a virtual dental hygiene service), it is essential to be preventing any issues with your teeth during the current situation, where we have less access to oral hygiene professionals. "Other issues can arise for not knowing which tools to use" Dr. Aulak continues, going on to say that "many dental issues can be avoided by key preventative measures and self-education." Therefore, it has never been more important to keep to a strict oral hygiene routine during this period of lockdown and social distancing.


Arm & Hammer toothpastes are great for dental hygiene upkeep at home

Make sure this is being added to your online delivery or supermarket shopping basket along with the coveted flour, rice and eggs. Our go-to is Arm & Hammer; a household name which has been in business for over 170 years. Aside from your standard twice-a-day brush routine, toothpastes with whitening agents have become increasingly popular and it could be just what we need in lockdown to combat all the red wine we're consuming - anyone else guilty? Arm & Hammer has a variety of toothpastes for you to choose from - our favourite might just be the Advance White Extreme one, as it contains micropolisher technology to make your teeth up to three shades whiter. Two minutes is the golden time we all tend to follow when it comes to brushing. Most electric toothbrushes have settings to vibrate when it's time to move onto another part of your pearly whites and to clean your tongue as well!


If you've never been a fan of flossing, Waterpik might be for you

No.1 water flosser brand in the world Waterpik is a lot of people's answer to not enjoying the tedious task of faffing about with fiddly pieces of string (I'm talking about a personal experience with regular dental floss, in case you didn't gather). Waterpik’s teeth flossers are a great addition to your oral hygiene. They are portable, cordless and super easy to pack for travel use - so you don’t have to worry about slipping in this routine when you go away on trips (whenever that happens in the future, of course). Lukewarm water is best for those of you with sensitive teeth and it is recommended to start off at the back teeth and come forward, holding the flosser in place to clean each individual tooth. Flossing is so important as it removes plaque under the gums efficiently - fixing most of your everyday dental hygiene problems. Bleeding gums are a sign that your mouth isn't as clean as you thought it might be. This problem is almost always fixed (when it is acute and in early stages) by regular flossing. You will see bleeding until your teeth and gums get used to flossing as part of your oral hygiene regime. Bad breath? It almost always (90%) comes from the bacteria which is on your tongue. Dr. Aulak recommends using a Waterpik Water flosser to clean their teeth and help prevent any plaque and bacterial build up.


Upgrade your dental hygiene routine with Waken mouthwash

When shopping for your mouthwash, check your products have sodium fluoride as this is essential for protecting your teeth and gums from cavities and tooth decay. Another thing you might be interested to know is that mouthwash is good to use before you brush your teeth - not afterwards. Simon Duffy, founder of Waken, says 'for optimal results, I would firstly floss and then use mouthwash before brushing'. Simon adds that 'when used in this way, the mouthwash will remove excess debris that remains in your mouth following flossing as they can reach areas of the mouth that your floss or brush may not be able to reach, such as right at the back of your tongue.'  Waken is the mouthwash you'll be proud to have on your bathroom shelf. Of course it is encased in gorgeous 'Instagrammable' packaging but Waken is so much more. Most mouthwashes contain alcohol which can be irritating for some peoples' gums and mouths. Waken has formulated its mouthwashes without alcohol, to solve this potential problem, but still including sodium fluoride, as well as natural botanical extracts and glycerin to help keep your teeth and gums in their healthiest and freshest position. Simon goes onto explain how today only half the population are regularly using mouthwash but he highly recommends it feature in your oral care routine.

Tooth Fairy App

Keep your dental hygiene in check at home with the Tooth Fairy app

No dentist? No problem. The innovative Tooth Fairy app offers expert and tailored digital advise with a dental professional on your oral hygiene. The app also hosts a range of educational videos on the importance of keeping your teeth clean and healthy. Originally designed for anyone who might struggle to visit a dentist regularly, this is the UK's first regulated dental app, offering personalised services from emergency appointments to teeth straightening. Oral care names Waterpik and Arm & Hammer have partnered with this award-winning app to offer this professional advice and branded content. Currently, it appears as though the app is only available for iOS but there's plans to make the app available on Android soon - so watch this space!

It's still advisable to make a dentist appointment when we are able to safely do so but hopefully these tools and tricks will sort you out in the meantime.

May 31, 2020

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