We are still on lockdown, and I cannot wait to wear a pair of my new J's too. Now that the Netflix's The Last Dance  Michael Jordan story is over what are we going to do. We miss Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman too. In their own words. The unfiltered story of the Chicago Bulls dynasty going to put on a pair and ask MJ to come back also. 

The Kylie Jenner x Dunk Effect

What is a week with our some Kardashian sister news?  This weekend, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram wearing a pair of rare Nike SB Dunk High Ferris Bueller. In the 48 hours after her post went up, there were six different StockX sales of this ultra-rare pair of Dunks -- more sales than the previous two months combined. Before Kylie's post, the Ferris Bueller Dunk was reselling for around $700 (approx. £570) on average. In the two days after her post, the average resell price rose to nearly $1100 (approx. £900) -- a 50% increase.

 Nike SB Dunk High Ferris Bueller Soared Drastically Last Weekend.

This is reflective of a larger pattern. On several occasions this year, Kylie Jenner has posted photos wearing rare SB Dunks, and each time she does, prices and sales for those sneakers surged on StockX.

On March 28, Kylie posted a photo wearing the Dunk SB Low Stussy Cherry (last sale: $2,000 – approx. £1630); on January 16, she wore a pair of Dunk SB High MF Doom (previous purchase: $985 – approx. £800); and a week earlier, she wore a pair of Dunk SB Low What The Dunk (last deal: $9,638 – approx. £7860). In the weeks following each of these posts, prices for the Dunks rose by 30-50%, and sales volume rose anywhere from 2x to 4x. 

In part, these increases are partly due to rising overall demand for all SB Dunks. As a category, prices for SB dunks have been increased by roughly 50% over the last six months, and sales volume has doubled. However, for the four SB Dunks worn by Kylie, the speed and magnitude of the price and sales increases can be attributed mainly to her power as an influencer and market mover.

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May 22, 2020

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