25 May 2020 Eid gift ideas for everyone. Ever since I saw Caroline Marie “Carrie” Bradshaw in Sex and the City, rock a nameplate, I have been obsessed with them. oNecklace Jewels du Jour brought me back to that New York girl in the city vibes. Wearing a personalized necklace around your neck makes going out and mingling fun if they can read what my nameplate says.  Cannot wait to get back to doing that flirting and mingling is going to change in 2020. 

Eid Gift Ideas 

I have a long name, so I had my nameplate necklace written in Arabic. This Eid I wanted something special for myself, that was small and personal. So I opted to get the beautiful jewellery which is crafted, using the highest quality of Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. I am allergic to anything that is not gold. So just call me Leila Habibi like it says on my nameplate.  Plus she is my alter ego too.

Carrie” Bradshaw Name Plate

They also have an Arabic Bangle option. Or you can check more of their Arabic jewellery for a piece to pair with this beautiful necklace. This item is a translation of your name, so spell it right.  I chose Arabic because I can read Arabic, and I learned that it is always a conversation piece.  And for a single girl in the city, this is a perfect opening conversation piece. 

I cherish putting it on every day.  I personally cannot leave the house without jewellery on. For me it is like forgetting your keys, you have to go back to the house to get them.  I literally go back to the house if I forget my necklace, bracelets or rings.  Jewellery wards of negative energy it bounces off the jewellery. That is also whey I wear the jewellery with my other charms like my evil eye charms. 

This Eid I celebrated me and treated myself to a gift and my sisters. We do that if we see a piece of jewellery we usually buy it for each other too. This year we are away from each other so everyone will get their gifts in the mail. I cannot wait until they get the post.  Let's get a little Sex in the City Vibe. What name would you write.

Photos by:
Lucia Reed

May 25, 2020

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