You may really enjoy playing online slots at, but that doesn’t mean you know a lot about them. You’ll know how to play them, you might know a little of the history of online slots (or slots in general), and you might know what all the symbols mean and how to pick games that are most likely to give you a win. However, there are many more facts about slots that you probably don’t know, and here are some of them that will blow your mind! 

It’s All Completely Random 

Have you ever been playing online slots and had the thought that the game you’re playing might be rigged? We’ve all been there when we’ve been on what you might think of as a losing streak. The truth, however, is that online slots can’t be rigged and they are always all completely random.

This is because they use random number generators (known as RNGs) to ensure that all is fair and above board. These RNGs are regularly checked by the authorities to make sure that all is well and that nothing untoward is happening. You can be sure, then, that your ‘losing streak’ is nothing to do with the game you’re playing. 

Online Slots Are Always Working 

We know that online slots are always there for us whenever we want them, so in that respect you will already know that they are always ready to go, no matter what. What you might now know, however, is that even when the games are not being played, they are running. They keep operating. So they keep working twenty fours hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Why? It’s due to the RNG system again. The RNG has to create codes all the time in order to keep the odds of each game the same, and to keep things random. 

You Have To Be Shown The Odds 

The Gambling Act 2005 changed a lot gambling and casino practices. One of the main changes was that casinos had to show each player the odds of each game, and that included all the slot machines. Look for the RTP (return to player) percentage before you play anything; the higher the percentage you see, the higher the odds are of you winning your money back. 

If you can’t see the RTP of the game you have a couple of options. First, you can make the casino aware of the rules and that you can’t determine the odds of the game you were hoping to play (and they will hopefully add it to the site). Alternatively, walk away. There are hundreds of other games available to play that will have their odds with them. 

You Can Win More Often Online Than Offline 

Some of the slot machines in the casinos in Las Vegas have an RTP of around 75 percent. That’s not great odds. However, when you look at the online slots that are available, you’ll see an average RTP of 97 percent (the average offline RTP is 85 percent). So it’s clear that online slots will give you more chance at winning than offline slots will.

This is down to a number of different elements, one of which is that fact that online games tend to have many more paylines and more reels than offline slots do.


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