It is April 20, 2020, and the entire world right now needs some CBD in their lives . Or something more robust from the same family. We are gathering up the hot list of CBD products you need to know about.  So we will spill the tea on the products that our getting us threw lockdown. 

4/20CBD Hotlist for 2020


 The ritual of tea drinking is universal and needing a cuppa is so relevant right now. If you confess that you're not feeling well, the chances are that beverage you will be offered a cup of tea. 

We all find tea physically soothing and emotionally comforting; perhaps that's where the association of health and ritual began. Science has not adequately explained why the ancient ritual of tea is a calming influence. 

Public concerns about health, obesity and stress do not fully account for tea's new-found popularity. I believe tea has a broader and deeper meaning to many of us. Why we all need cannabis tea to get through these weird days with a little boost

Body and Mind Botanicals Teas

Body and Mind Botanicals ( has created a range of full-spectrum Organic Cannabis Tea that delivers all of the natural health and wellbeing benefits of legal cannabis, including soothing stress and anxiety, boosting low mood and promoting sleep, without the high.

The brand, which was founded by a team of cannabis experts, is on a mission to bring the incredible benefits of legal cannabis to as many people as possible. This power-packed plant has been a part of human diets and healing for thousands of years. Body and Mind Botanicals now wants to use it to provide Brits with natural and organic remedies that offer support during periods of stress and anxiety.


Unlike many brands that sell processed CBD products, Body and Mind Botanicals creates its Organic Cannabis Tea using the whole cannabis plant. It is this combination of buds and leaves that ensures that every serving contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, the chemical compounds found in the plant, including both CBD and its most potent, raw form: CBDa. These different cannabinoids work together in an 'entourage effect' to deliver the maximum health and wellbeing benefits.

Body and Mind Botanicals' Organic Cannabis Tea has shown to help the body and mind to relax and unwind, to relieve stress, anxiety and low mood, and to aid sleep, which is vital to maintain a robust immune system. The tea also has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help with pain relief.


Each cup of Body and Mind Botanicals' Organic Cannabis Tea delivers 25-40mg of CBDa, which the body can process more efficiently and effectively than CBD, ensuring that the benefits are felt faster by individuals.

You can enjoy this unique blend throughout the day, whether first thing in the morning, as a restorative beverage while working from home, or in the evening before bed. Without any trippy side effects, just the calmness fills your body.  I add some Manuka honey to my brew. 

Body and Mind Botanicals' delicious Organic Cannabis Tea is available in three varieties:
  • Organic Cannabis Tea¬†(10 teabags/15g, ¬£10.99) ‚ÄstBody and Mind Botanicals' initial infusion is a 100% certified organic, smooth and beautifully aromatic herbal tea with a clean and fresh taste profile. The product is delivered in individual biodegradable teabags for the perfect, fuss-free cup every time.


  • Organic Loose-Leaf Cannabis Tea¬†(150g, ¬£7.99) ‚Äď A loose-leaf edition of the original blend, ideal for those who enjoy brewing their own.


  • Organic Cannabis & Peppermint Tea¬†(10 teabags/20g, RRP: ¬£11.99) ‚Äď Body and Mind Botanicals' original¬†Organic Cannabis Tea¬†is infused with peppermint for a refreshing and uplifting herbal brew which, with the addition of peppermint, delivers benefits such as alleviating bloating, supporting digestion and calming the symptoms of hay fever.

I cannot wait to start using this tea in summer drinks, because life will never be the same after this April, 20, 20. What an excellent recipe for Sweet Tea or Ice tea made form the Peppermint Cannabis tea too, for example. 

So put the kettle on and spill the tea. 

Body and Mind Botanicals' Organic Cannabis Tea (RRP: £7.99 - £11.99) is available to purchase individually or as part of a monthly subscription via the brand's website and can be delivered directly to consumers' doorsteps (


Instagram: @bmbotanicals



CBD Health

Medterra's Rapid Cooling Cream

For the First time in ages, I get to relax while on my cycle, but still, working out this month, my back has hurt.  I am also training hard.  What else is there to do on 4/20/ 2020. I also prefer natural remedies to treat pain.  So, I have tested the Medterra's Rapid Cooling Cream on my lower back pain, and within minutes, my back pain disappeared. 

This rapid colling cream does precisely that take the pain away without any stinging or burning sensation. The powerhouse combination of CBD and organic ingredients are suitable for the body and the soul. This topical cream provides a rapid cooling effect, perfect for joint and muscle support. Use at the end of the day, after a workout or rub it on soar areas we women sometimes have.  You can sniff the tranquillity and pain relief into your skin.


Each 3.4 fl oz. the bottle contains 100mls of cream


Available in 250mg or 750mg strengths.

Grown and extracted in the USA, our quality CBD is fully compliant under the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program and the U.S. Hemp Authority certifies us. Medterra's CBD products are third-party tested, completely legal, contain 0% THC and shipped out the same day.


Biotulin eyeMATRIX


Now let's talk CBD beauty. Well, I have found my eye cream, and as a seasoned woman, my life has turned into all about the eye creams.  Now that we are in the error of Self Care on 100 then Biotulin eyeMATRIX. This Lifting Concentrate Eye Creme is my new favourite.



It is like know other.  When putting it on, I feel like I have had a facelift. It is not greasy like other eye creams but has a tingling effect like it's giving your eye area s message. Just what our eyes need to pick them up. Well if J Lo loves it, then I want some of what she's having. 


The latest innovation from Biotulin ‚Äď eye creme against¬†eye wrinkles, dark circles,¬†bags¬†and drooping¬†eyelids

eyeMATRIX combines ingredients from Biotulin and Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil.

This innovative combination of active ingredients provides immediate and visible results around the eye:

  1. more firmness and smoothness
  2. fewer wrinkles
  3. reducing eye bags
  4. provides moisture

Stayed tuned for more of our favourite CBD products you should try to help what ails you.  We are not saying smoke weed but learn about the healing properties in CBD. Stay fab and healthy. Follow us on the gram


Apr 20, 2020

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