As much as we love music, more of us are swapping playlists for podcasts. While we're huge fans of How I Built This and, of course, The Michelle Obama Podcast, observing a virtual London Fasion Week (among the other cities showcasing catwalks online), we thought we'd delve deeper to discover some of our favourite fashion-focused podcasts to listen to right now.

We are so used to having unlimited access to fashion and, as Miranda Priestly inferred herself, whether you want to be interested in "this stuff", it affects, or is interweaved in, all of our lives. Covid-19 aside, we would think about fashion when thinking what we were going to wear that day: to work, to office drinks, to a date - the list goes on. If you're more interested in the industry, collection drops; bloggers' feeds on Instagram and Pinterest boards would also be yourdaily dose of fashion inspiration.

Even Coronavirus didn't stop our fashion-focused palettes, as we started to shop online more, watch or even create our own style videos on TikTok or IGTV - so why not fashion podcasts too? A fashion podcast can offer much-desired insight into a brand or designer's thought process and creative soul; it can offer style or shopping tips; context to how an inspirational fashion figure got to where they are now.

Now, more than ever, we need more inspiration and since virtual fashion weeks across major cities had such positive receptions, we thought we'd round up our favourite fashion podcasts to listen to now.

Henry Holland: What Were You Thinking

British designer Henry Holland launched his own podcast What Were You Thinking? in July and was quick to get a star-studded line up of fashion figures, including Alexa Chung, Eve and Daniel Fletcher. As wel as covering the fashion choices of his sartorialist guest, Holland also covers trends and topical fashion such as teh iconic and inspirational wardrobe choices from the film Clueless. In the news at the start of lockdown, due to House of Holland falling victim to the dreaded Covid-19. But it seems as though Henry has picked himself up through this podcast so we don't only recommend it as a source of fashion inspiration, featuring some iconic figures, but also as an inspiring series of talks about life's ups and downs.

Henry Holland launched one of our favourite fashion podcasts back in July [Image c/o Instagram]

Listen to What Were You Thinking here.

The BoF Podcast

Let's all just admitit, The BOF is the fashion bible when it comes to the commercial side of the industry. The go-to global resource for fashion industry news, vacancies and movements in roles across thousands of companies and, now, a source of inspirtion via its podcast. Hosted by founder and CEO Imran Ahmed, the BoF Podcast explores the current climate of the fashion industry with seasoned experts such as Cathy Horyn (Critic-at-Large at New York Magazine and The Cut) and hairstylist Sam McKnight. A particularly interesting listen due to the current circumstances if you're within the commercial side of the industry or running your own fashion business.

The Business of Fashion Podcast is led by founder and CEO, Imran Ahmed

Listen to The Business of Fashion Podcast here.

Fashion No Filter

Fusing fashion and friendship, Fashion No Filter is like Sex and the City and the good times of The Hills rolled into one. In this podcast, fashion journalists Camille Charrière and Monica Ainley give it to you straight about what it's really like to work in the fashion industry. Getting real about everything from catwalk trends to street style living forever, this podcast will give you an insight into how the fashion world operates. Guests on the podcast have included Head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram Eva Chen, as they discuss all of our favourite thing: that lovely Instagram algorithm; as well as influencers such as Bryan Boy and model Arizona Muse.

Fashion No Filter is another favourite fashion podcast of ours

Listen to Fashion No Filter here.

Dressed: The History of Fashion

This podcast really shows the longevity and influence of the fashion industry. "With over seven billion people in the world, we all hvae one thing in common. Every day we all get dressed," says the introdution to the podcast, created by Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan. An educational podcast, Dressed: The History of Fashion takes a closer look at the social and cultural backgrounds of what we wear everyday - from prom dresses to a particular style of sunglasses - and enlightens you on the history behind your clothing. Think of it as the longer version of Miranda Priestly's speech to Andie about the cerulean blue belts - with a less glacial stare, of course.

You'll learn the cultural and social histories of clothing form this fashion podcast favourite

Listen to Dressed: The History of Fashion here.

Fashion Revolution Podcast

This three-part series is short but impactful as fashion journalist Tamsin Blanchard delves into a year-long project centred around 540 garment workers across Bangaldesh, Cambodia and India. It's gritty stuff, especially compared to the other fashion podcasts we've favourited here but is thoroughly educative and enables you to understand from where our clothes come and the stories behind them. A combination of investigations and interviews, Blanchard explores sustainability, ethics and transparency within the fashion industry.


LIsten to Fashion Revolution here.

Creative Conversations With Suzy Menkes

If picking your favourite fashion designer's brain is something you'd love to do, Suzy Menkes' Creative Conversations might be the podcast for you. A series of insightful interviews sees Menkes speak with Dior's Maria Gazia Chiuri, Balmain's Olivier Rousteing, Michael Kors and many more designers, thinkers and executives. Don't you worry, they're certainly meaty as Menkes gets her guests to reveal as much insight as possible. Packed full of challenges and changes within the fashion industry, as well as the designers' and executives' backgrounds and how they got to where they are today, it's definitely worth a listen to now as there's a full range of fashion professionals to hear from.


Listen to Creative Conversations With Suzy Menkes here.

Fashion Fix with Charli Howard

Hosted by model and activist Charli Howard, Fashion Fixf is the podcast which addresses issues across the industry. For those who don't know, Howard became a public figure when speaking out against the industry's harshness and impossible standards of beauty and body you can guess the tone of this podcast. Strong and sassy, the model talks about lack of diversity in the fashion industry, as well as highlighting the necessity for ethical and sustainable fashion. This podcast is all about people-pleasing without affecting the planet; how to be stylish and sustainable.


Listen to Fashion Fix with Charli Howard here.

Oct 1, 2020

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