Since 2020 started, it has been nothing but a wild ride. We’ve heard multiple times that 2020 ought to end now, that we need to unplug 2020 and plug it again for everything to go back to normal but, what if 2020 had to happen? What if 2020 was the year we’ve been waiting for? What if the change and the progression this planet has been seeking for centuries might finally come this year? Anyhow amongst all the negative energy that has surrounded us lately, it is undeniable that positive matters have also come out of it.

Artist M.J. Harper

Since lockdown started, we’ve not only seen many domestic artists blooming via social media but also well-known creatives shining domestically. Isolation – at least for a few – has been a means of innovation and formation, that allowed them to explore their true selves, push the imagination forward and put the important things in life into perspective. For designer and founder of Random Identities Stefano Pilati the word ‘domestic’ is neither new nor off-putting. The designer declares that ‘domestic’ is a word he not only loves but also would use to describe himself:

To me, it means isolation, protection and familiarity. But also confinement and proximity to what I possess and what I love. ‘Between four walls,’ in my opinion, is where creativity submits to pressure, re-evaluates parameters and points of ‘forced’ perspective and bursts in clarity.
Artist M.J. Harper with designer Stefano Pilati

Pilati just presented the Random Identities film, DOMESTIC (between wars), featuring performance artist, M.J. Harper, in collaboration with director Konstantin Bock and cinematographer Christopher Aoun. Isola Music and Mat Clasen are the icing of the cake with the sensitive and precious soundtrack. The film challenges individuals to fight against social paradigms and creates a platform for freedom of speech.

The designer finds inspiration between walls while both worlds, the outside and the at home one, are both on fire and at war. The pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement can sum up 2020: People breaching the lockdown rules, social responsibility, individuals establishing ridiculous excuses to exculpate white supremacy and innocent people being killed for fighting for human rights.

Designer Stefano Pilati

A war that is grieved not only in the streets but also at home, alone, between walls:

If walls could listen and speak they'd reveal the intimate reflection of who we are, who we were, and perhaps, hopefully, who we'll come to be, evolving in a pessimistic scenario of wars, everywhere, inside ourselves, around us.

Although Pilati tries to avoid making statements with his designs, he presents the chance for statements to be made while wearing his garments by being faithful to our truly selves. An ode to gender-fluidity, black excellence and luxurious glamour, his debut film is a masterpiece that elevates the importance of fashion in such a time when anything that feels lavish or superficial seem to be irrelevant.

M.J. Harper x Stefano Pilati

Jul 27, 2020

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