Recycle Week 2020: Let’s Protect Our Future


Recycling week has gone and passed, but why should that mean we should stop there? Let’s protect our future together with the comforting voice of David Attenborough on our sides.


Recycle Week is an annual campaign encourages the world to recycle, organised by WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme. The theme surrounding this years RecycleWeek was “Thanking the Nation: Together: We Recycle” in reference to this years unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic, and gratitude to key workers who have continued to work throughout the crisis.


This year Recycle Week partnered with a vast number of brands including, Ocado, Waitrose & Partners, Aldi, Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I and many more to bring a variety of actions throughout the week to help inspire the nation to recycle more. If you’re a self-care advocate, beauty devotee, or makeup junkie you could be contributing to the issue more than you think. Here’s how..


Household items such as;

·      Shampoo/Conditioner bottles

·      Lotion bottle

·      Deodorants/Fragrances

·      Bathroom cleaner products/room scent bottles

·      Cardboard boxes (toothpaste/toilet rolls

·      Cellophane (often found on makeup)


Are all common household products used and not recycled, so check the packaging and recycle or upcycle!


David Attenborough, having spent the majority of his life producing the most incredible, emotional, and eye opening documentaries about the world, and in more recent years the devastation that is being caused due to global warming. Aired his latest documentary “A Life On Our Planet” found on Netflix, a reflective story of his 94 years in this world with his bid of appeal to all in helping to protect its future.

"Beauty products are one of the biggest contributors to the worlds plastic waste issue"


Filling landfills, burned, buried or scattered elsewhere where other disposal methods are simply to overwhelmed. With this in mind, a guide to what you can recycle and how to recycle is seen below:


How To Recycle Your Beauty Buys

Plastic Bottles

Shampoos, conditioners and shower gels are easy to recycle, ensure to empty, clean thoroughly, and leave the lids on (unless it has a pump head or trigger).

Plastic (Cellophane)

Products such as mascaras, foundations, and fragrances have a cellophane wrap around them and unfortunately this cannot be recycled. However, other plastics can be, be sure to check the recycling guidelines often found on most products.

Beauty Products (Palettes, Lipsticks, Wipes etc.)

Products such as these can be difficult to recycle. However, there are beauty company’s out there that will take your finished beauty products in exchange for money of future products! You can find drop off points here. Additionally, they accept face wipes, trigger sprays, deodorants and more.

Fragrances, Varnish, Make-Up Brushes

Unfortunately these can’t be recycled so ensure to dispose of in your normal mixed rubbish.

Hygiene Products (Toothpaste etc.)

There are drop off locations that have been set up by brands such as Colgate that can be found here.

If all of this is to tricky for you there is another option for you.. Grab yourself a TerraCycle Zero Waste Box. You can fill these boxes with everything from hair care products, skincare, makeup packaging and more, send it off and they take care of the rest for you!

via. ccag

Beauty Brands That Are Doing Their Part

The Body Shop

The Body Shop, known for its recycling mission and ethical trading, is continuing to protect the environment with their mission this year, read about it here. You can also gain recycling points in store!


Maybelline have recently teamed up with Terracycle to encourage customers to fight against plastic waste by putting stations in stores across the country, find yours here.

Ren Skincare

Ren Skincare has made a worldwide goal of becoming zero waste by 2021. Not far away! Currently with 100% recyclable packaging, refillables, and bottles made from reclaimed plastic, it doesn’t seem to unlikely!


There are many more brands out there doing their part, ask your ride or die brands the next time you purchase a new product, let’s do our part..


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Tell us if you have any news on recycling, we’de love to hear!

Oct 2, 2020

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