With winter almost over, you probably already think how much you will love to take a stroll down shopping avenues and search for ways to rejuvenate your wardrobe. However, your clothes are not the only ones in need of a makeover. Your hair has suffered enough through the winter, so now it’s time to give it a new regimen and even a new look if you feel like it.

1. Get rid of the split ends

Winter winds and weather, in general, have the unpleasant habit of drying your hair more than usual. That often results in split ends that make your hair look frizzy and unappealing. Head over to your hairstylist and ask him or her to help you get rid of all the damaged ends so that your hair looks shiny and healthy once again.

2. Cleanse your scalp

While your hair ends suffered from the drying action of winter weather, your scalp seems to be going through the opposite effect. It becomes oily and unpleasant, and that’s why you need to restore its health, as well. The most common and efficient advice would be to cleanse your scalp using a clarifying shampoo at least once a month.

3. Lock in moisture

Your hair may still look dry and hard to manage, and that is why your routine in spring should look a little different. Even some hairstylists recommend following the next rule for a few weeks: use only conditioner on your hair once a week, and then wash it as usual, but without any shampoo.

As you may well know, shampoo tends to dry your hair – which is the reason you need conditioner in the first place. That is why this simple strategy should help you lock in some moisture and enjoy more manageable hair than before. You could read a useful article like this one on the topic and apply the recommendations listed.

4. Switch to textured hairstyles

Straightening your hair is not forbidden in spring, but the chances are that your straight hair won’t survive too many days. Since the procedure can be time-consuming, instead of getting frustrated, it is the best time to switch to a textured hairstyle that will survive much longer.

5. Brush your hair before each wash

It is essential that you show your hair all the love you’re capable of since it’s been through a lot this winter. That means that you need to protect it from further damage. One way to do so is by brushing it gently before you wash it. Your disentangled curls will be thankful, and you will find your hair easier to manage once you blow dry it.

6. Dry shampoos are good for your roots

Another thing you will notice more acutely with the passing of winter is how dull the color of your hair looks. The remedy could be to dye it, but that might not be something you have planned anytime soon. If that’s the case, here’s another trick hairstylists use to give hair back the shiny look it deserves: they use dry shampoos at the roots. That also helps with cleansing the scalp a little so that you will get two advantages in the same package.

7. Get your hair wet before plunging into a pool

With the warm weather approaching, you may feel tempted to go to an indoor pool just to get your muscles moving and training for the summer season that is no longer so far away. Indoor pools, like other pools, often use chlorinated water, and that could be the culprit for making your hair get a sickly tinge of green.

To combat this issue, it is highly recommended to get your hair wet before diving into the chlorinated water and wash it as soon as you’re out of the pool.

8. Rejuvenate your stock of hair care products

Spring is the right season for changing your routine and replacing the old products you used during winter with more appropriate shampoos and conditioners. Aim for products that are capable of providing your with a gentle cleanse and also ideal for locking in moisture so that your hair becomes light, manageable, shiny, and healthy. 

Apr 9, 2020

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