Each week we will highlight a new face or content creator from the BAME community in our SHOUT OUT SUNDAY. So follow the hashtag #SHOUTOUTSUNDAY and follow us on Instagram for all the visual candy. Now meet Amina Begum Ali and learn more about this up and coming New face to the modest modelling world.

Short Bio


Name: Amina Begum Ali

Name: Amina Begum Ali

Age: 23

Signed at: Style Cartel

Based in: Swindon

Instagram: @amina.begum.ali

Profession: Model

Height: 5ft4

Eye Colour: Brown

Waist Size: 25inch

Shoe Size: 4 (UK)

Dress: 8 (UK)

Favourite City: London

Favourite Colour: Teal

Tell us about yourself and where you are currently signed at the moment?

My name is Amina Ali and I am passionate about inclusivity in mainstream media and bringing awareness to BAME communities on how they can use their voices. I am signed with Style Cartel.

What inspired you to become a model?

It all started when I was scouted for Miss Wiltshire even though I couldn't go further due to my parents wanting me in education I realised it was something I was passionate about and genuinely really enjoyed. When I started booking jobs and going to events, I realised there was a lack of People of colour (POC) and any POC in the industry at the time were only used as a token which didn’t sit right with me. 

Describe your favourite fashion designer and one of your favourite design, look or outfits from them?

I have a few I love Donatella Versace and Karl Lagerfeld. However, I’m obsessed with Olivier Rousteing I think he is such an icon when it comes to modern-day fashion. I adored his HM collaboration which was 5 years ago because it was something everyone got to enjoy. If I had to choose one favourite piece it would have to be the dress worn on the 2017 runway show on Lily-Rose Depp. 

You’ve been featured on Grazia UK, BuzzFeed and most recently on the mordant magazine, congratulations the images looked fantastic. Could you describe to us what featuring on these publications meant to you?

It was such an honour to be recognised, I feel like being someone who was always in the background just made it that much more surreal. I am very grateful for the people who helped me get here but I always remind myself I still haven’t reached where I want to go, so yes, it’s great but there is so much more I want to achieve.  

Could you talk to us about your article for Grazia and how important it is to you being signed to a modest modelling agency like UMMA?

I have done a couple of articles for Grazia, but this was special because I wasn’t just a face of a brand, I actually had a voice and was spreading awareness about hijab and what it was. The fact I did it with my agent was so amazing more so because their policy and ethos were to support and cater for women like me in the world of fashion.

If you could change any aspect of modelling, what would it be and why?

I'd want to change the restrictions and expectations they have on models. It isn't normal for a girl who's 5 ft 11 to have a 24-inch waist and by requesting this it promotes unhealthy eating habits which I don't agree with.  I’d want real girls to be used on campaigns not people who are given a month to lose weight before shooting for a campaign. However, I am definitely seeing a change. Recently there was a petition going around about runway models and how they should be more realistic, and it was such a pleasure to see. 


What is the one piece of advice you would give to fellow aspiring models?  
BE YOU! It sounds very cliche and everyone says it, but this industry is ruthless, and it can be very harsh sometimes. However, when you know yourself and your boundaries there is no stopping your success. 

What would be your dream modelling campaign to be featured in?

Easy, Chanel or Burberry. I have always dreamed of seeing a brown girl like myself do high-end fashion so to book a job like that would mean the world not just for me but hopefully South Asians across the globe.

Thank you Amina. Follow her on Instagram.

Assistant Stylist: Karran RAJANI

Photographer: Sachin GHATAAURA

Sep 13, 2020

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