Nafeesa is a travel blogger based in Bradford, UK. A beautiful woman who likes breaking stereotypes. She's a woman who loves travelling the world solo. She decided to follow her dreams and travel the world to experience different cultures and meet new people!


Let’s begin by introducing yourself to Style Cartel as well as getting insight into what you currently do at the moment. 

My name is Nafeesa, I am an avid traveller in search for adventure. I am currently a Primary School teacher; I began travelling solo while I was studying at university. My dream of travel began at a young age when we visited a travel agent, my eyes lit up when I saw the travel brochures and took as many as I could home. I distinctly remember being in awe of all the beautiful places, circling everywhere I want to visit and knew that one day I will travel. 

Travel with Naf is your current solo travel blog platform that shows you embarking to many exciting destinations around the world and documenting your journey, tell us why the travel industry appealed to you? 

To cure my curiosity and restless feet. I have always had a love for exploring and learning, travel has given me the opportunity to learn about different cultures and languages first-hand. Every journey allows me to rediscover myself and life, once I arrive home, I return with a different perspective and am astounded by how much I have grown from my experience. It also broadens cultural understanding and bridges the gap between cultures as we learn that we are all connected in some way. I remember reading this quote that goes along the lines of ‘the world is a beautiful place to stay in one corner of it’, I always remember this before I embark on another trip.

What motivated you to start a solo travel blog on Instagram and YouTube?

I wanted to inspire others to travel and to see incredible places through my lens. I also love sharing my journey with others and connecting with people around the globe.


Describe five essential items that you take with you for your travels and explain why?

I need my camera wherever I go to capture moments and memories. Packing cubes are now an essential item because I can pack as much as I need, and they keep everything organised in my backpack. I need to use my electronics, so a travel adapter and a power bank are a must. Last, of all, I take a travel towel because it is useful to have especially when you are staying in hostels.

Name your favourite journey that you have documented as part of your travel blog and explain what impact it had on you?

My trip to Jerusalem was an uplifting experience I will never forget. It had a positive impact on me spiritually as I witnessed people from all walks of life coming together to celebrate their faith. I met many people who showered me with kindness, and I was humbled by their generosity. 

What are the benefits of solo travelling over group travelling?

It takes you out of your comfort zone. Solo travelling allows you to discover the places you enjoy with the freedom to choose what you want to do. It’s up to you to decide what to do when a problem arises thus increasing your problem-solving skills. You’re also more likely to meet new people when you’re travelling solo.

Is there a destination or country that you would like to visit in the future? 
I want to visit Asia, in particular, Thailand as it is a culture I am yet to experience and learn more about.

If you were to give some advice or tips for someone who is looking to travel on their own for the first time, what would you tell them?

I would give them advice on how to stay safe travelling solo and what they can do to make their trip as smooth as possible. If it is the first time, plan your journey and prepare thoroughly for your destination.

Finally, do you prefer holiday destinations with cold or hot weather?

I prefer hot weather over cold.

Please follow this Shout out Sunday Star. Thank you to Nafeesa for taking the time to collaborate with us. 

Instagram: @travelwithnaf

YouTube Username: Travel with Naf

Current Occupation: Teacher

Favourite City/Cities: Jerusalem

Favourite Travel Destination: Turkey

Oct 18, 2020

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