A term that's become regularly used and recognized in the sneaker world. When a particular sneaker graces this category, we've already established that the resale price is going to sky-rocket.

For years, women in the industry have struggled to find smaller sizes to fit them, and they were often compared to as 'gold dust'. But nowadays, with sneakers becoming even more popular among females, and women really holding their own when it comes to the streetwear scene, as a consumer, we are one of the most valuable.

With this in mind, brands and designers appear to be increasing the amount of womens silhouettes, and creating many more 'womens-only' colourways. This almost guarantees a hefty jump-up in resell prices, for vast amounts of ladies (...and men) trying to get their hands on a pair of these limited kicks.


Detailing on Off-White Air Jordan 4 "Sail"

Lets take one of the most juicy drops of the year so far, the Womens Off-White Jordan 4 "Sail". Retailing at around £190 (varying slightly at different retailers), this shoe was set to break records from the get-go. Despite limited worldwide release numbers, there were raffles galore, and huge amounts of site traffic on E-shops that sprung surprise drops on unsuspecting, but hungry, consumers.

Off-White Air Jordan 4 "Sail"

Within the first 48 hours after the Saturday morning release, more than 1300 StockX sales stacked up, at an average resale price of £925, making this the most expensive womens release that the reselling platform has seen to date.

Women were given an early shot at getting their hands on the elusive Jordan 4 on the SNKRS app before it officially dropped. Lucky ladies received a notification showing "Ladies First" followed by a special custom script from Off-White designer Virgil Abloh "Made these with Women in mind so you can continue to take flight". These pairs were soon snapped up, and left many people that missed out even more eager to find another resolution

"Made these with Women in mind so you can continue to take flight"

Resale prices for this sneaker have continued to creep up. Usually, once a pair officially drops online, reseller's prices decrease due to availability levels. But the Off-White Jordan collab seemed to have the opposite effect, with prices nearing £1000 and the transaction numbers still flowing in.

The proof is in the pudding. This may have been a womens release, but still included a larger size range, meaning many male buyers were hunting down pairs too. This shows in the resale prices for bigger sizes on StockX, as the lowest ask for a US 14.5 is currently standing at £1769 (as of 31/07/20) as they're harder to get hold of.

"Sail" on StockX platform

This sneaker has drummed up a huge response for both female & male resale figures, and it really is living up to the reputation of being the most hyped release of the year. There are many more womens releases and colourways to come in the Fall, and late 2020. With female options growing, and taking up more of a share in the sneaker market, we can hopefully look forward to seeing a rise in more opportunities for female led designs.



Jul 31, 2020

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