Tender Loving Care

I can't be the only person that loves unboxing a fresh pair of sneakers, right? The shiny new shoe box and all that's hiding inside it. The tissue paper, the smell, spare laces, any little extra's like postcards or posters, and of course the kicks!

But once we take them on their first outings, start decorating them with creases & breaking them in, how do we keep them looking and feeling box fresh? Here are a few tips and tricks to give your beloved sneakers some TLC, and pro-long their life span.


Try not to wear your new kicks every single day. I know it's pretty tempting, but they need time to air out, this gives chance for any moisture in the shoe to evaporate, reducing the risk of smelling! Easiest way to follow this is to just rotate your sneakers with a few other pairs, this gives each pair a break in between.


If you kept hold of the packaging from your shoe box (which I'd always recommend) use the original stuffing to insert into the sneaker once aired out, this helps to keep the shape and support. Also try to separate the pair by placing sheeting between the two sneakers, reducing friction & giving each shoe more breathing space.


Believe it or not, if you stack your shoe boxes tall, you could be doing more damage than you think. As you add more pairs to the collection, the tower of boxes just gets higher. The weight from the pairs at the top can crush those below over time. If space allows, try to place boxes side by side on a shelf. If this isn't possible & you have no choice but to stack, make sure the heavier kicks are kept on the lowest levels, and place corrugated plastic between boxes to keep level and sturdy.


We've all been there. We put on our new sneakers, then the minute we step outdoors the clouds burst & we get a huge downpour of rain. The most simple & cost effective way to keep your footwear dry is to use a microfiber cloth. Dab the cloth gently over the whole sneaker, to remove excess water & any dirt that's potentially on them. Using a protective spray prior to getting them wet can prevent and shorten cleaning time.


It's easier said than done, but try not to pick up your kicks by their least stable elements i.e. the tongue or laces. Frequent handling of these areas can cause stitching to fray or damage. One of the safest ways to pick them up is by popping your hand inside the sneaker to lift them, as this just replicates putting the foot in the sneaker and doesn't cause extra wear & tear.


The surroundings that you keep your sneakers in can have an effect on them over time. Top tip is to store them at room temperature, away from any drafts or sources of cold air, and similarly humidity. Keep your sneaks out of the sunlight - they don't get a nice little tan -they just start to yellow and break down in extreme cases.


The main tip is to always have a good sneaker cleaner handy. A good cleaning solution, suede brushes, wipes, and then a protector can make a huge difference in keeping your sneakers looking box fresh! There are various different brands out there at the moment, but some of the top cleaners from personal experience have been Jason Markk, SneakersER, Sneaker LAB and Crep Protect. Crep Protect are currently selling a 'Black Lives Matter' edition of their protector spray, in which 100% of proceeds are being donated to key initiatives fighting against racial injustice. These brands all have numerous types of products, but one thing's for sure, they'll really prolong the life of your sneakers - which is what we all wish for right?

Crep Protect are currently selling a Black Lives Matter edition of their protector spray, in which "100% of proceeds are being donated to key initiatives fighting against racial injustice."

Look after your sneakers, and they'll look after you!

Aug 7, 2020

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