You may not have heard of it yet, but this artist is the new revolution of fashion thanks to their incredible imagination and freedom to make us come with their amazing dick and pussy bags. You want to stand out, bring a touch of fashion but at the same time be sensational and original Stef Van Looveren are your man.

Belgian artist, they study at Antwerp in their origin city. Through their student career they also study Fine Arts at the prodigious Saint Martin School in London.

Thanks to their hard work, they won the third edition of the STRT Schot award, an initiative of Studio Start vzw, awarding a prize to a graduate artist selected out of the two art school in Antwerp (St Lucas Unversity of Antwerp and KASKA)

Stef Van Looveren are a gender non-binary artist.

"This identity is opposed to gender binarity and the gender hierarchy that can accompany it"

They do not consider themself as a man or a woman and is made up by a mixture of the two or by neither. It is an identity conforming to the human being and not to the standards imposed on the selection of our sex.

They are explorer of the human body, their purpose is to represent the value of sex as an "interchangeable accessory" declares the artist in a press release, the wearer must be able to feel a share of fun and fun while wearing his creations.

Sex is part of our body and it is a generality that must be shown without being ashamed of it.

The perception of them creations is to focused on the lightness and enthusiasm of our body. The artistic soul of Stef Van Looveren appears in their youth, they wonder about sexuality and human body design, how we can change it, improvement and simply draw it in our image.

It's from there that all them work begins, it begins to be interested in Queer and the LGBT population, and get inspired by icons as Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia River.

Stef Van Looveren is a multidisciplinary artist who excels in making videos, photography and sculpture which are the bases of his creations.

"All the designs are modelled on genitalia and are moulded on a diverse range of body types in order to be as inclusive as possible"

With the development of social networks, I feel the human being is more concerned with the outside looks and the physical is placed in the foreground.

However the physical is only a bodily envelope, and this is precisely what Stef Van Loveren want to manifest.

"A body has to tell us who you are or how you identify yourself. But I think a body is just a tool. An artist like Orlan shows us that a body is an instrument and your soul your identity. Still, you cannot avoid the merging of body and identity. I find it interesting to investigate how, and why, the body has become so important."

Different pictures of his incredible work than you could find on his website

"Le degré et la nature de la sexualité d'un être humain s'étendent jusqu'au sommet de son esprit."



Jun 21, 2020

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