Ever wondered what it is about your favourite fragrance that makes you love it so much? We all have a signature scent but how did it become as such?

There's always been a visible contrast between New York and Paris. It is even visible in fashion. While New York oozes edginess, trendy and cool, Paris is the epitome of chic; all about tasteful style and discretion. New York champions bold prints and colours, with its clash and colour blocking, attributing those walking the streets of the Upper West Side and Brooklyn in one go. On the other hand, Paris nails the neutral tone, working the minimalist style with such enviable sophistication we all aspire to recreate ourselves.

I've had a long-term love affair with trendy scent brand, KIERIN NYC, whose collection personifies different activities or types of people within the city. A huge fan of the entire collection, but particularly resonating with one or two of the scents, I can, personally, attest to this. Edgy and fresh, these perfumes never don't get the wearer compliments, emulating the striking and spontaneous nature of New York.

Which aspect of New York City are you? | KIERIN NYC fragrances

Allow each of the four KIERIN NYC scents - 10a.m. Flirt, Santal Sky, Nitro Noir and Sunday Brunch - to capture whatever personality is most suited to you or whatever personality you feel describes you for the day or evening. You might be a Santal Sky girl day to day but when a night out calls, it's Nitro Noir or nothing else. Each fragrance is carefully crafted based on different, real life NYC stories - encapsulating the enthusiasm and vibrance of the capital of the world.

KIERIN NYC was founded upon storytelling through scent and all that's left to us, as consumers, is to see which one speaks to us. I'm a Nitro Noir girl and I've never had passer bys say a fragrance suits me more - whether they know me or not. Fragrance witchcraft or a match made in heaven, I've found my scent regardless.

Nitro Noir is one of KIERIN NYC's four fragrances telling a New York City story

BDK¬†Parfums, on the other hand, is Parisian. Understated elegance is immediately noticeable just from the bottles and packaging of this brand. Each bottle, in design and the scent inside, epitomises the city's minimalist chic vibes, offering the wearer the chance to be transported to the bustle of the Champs-√Člys√©es or a tranquil walk along the Seine.

What immediately draws me to BDK is that the design of the bottles features a definition of the name of the scent; as if from a dictionary. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing to the eye (and ontrend, think to various wall prints and Instagram Stories filters), but it also novel - forgive the pun - for the literary geek within me. "Pas Ce Soir" ("Not tonight") is a sensual yet chic scent, while the beauty of grey from "Gris Charnel" ("Carnal Grey") is revealed both on the skin and on the streets of Paris.

Which part of Paris does your BDK Parfum enscapsulate?

If these descriptions alone don't make you want to pack a bag and move to the City of Lights, I don't know what will. I'll buy a bottle of each fragrance for each different arondissement I venture into, as it currently stands.

Both fragrance brands depict the city from which they reign perfectly. I sense the energetic vibes of New York from each KIERIN NYC scent and the delicate nature of Paris comes through from BDK's collection. Fragrance, it seems, is also more than skin deep.



Aug 28, 2020

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