tyle Cartel Horoscopes February 2020 will be an unforgettable month! Venus goes to Aries and opens the door to new relationships. Until March 4th you will notice a planetary upheaval. Everyone is more electric and active Style Cartel Horoscopes February 2020.

All signs want news and partnerships. It is an excellent month to start a new business or to bring a partner to your project. It is also a good month to hire employees. They arrive with maximum energy.


The Full Moon in Leo expands the astral scenario. There are advantages to financial speculation. It is also a month of a lot of sensuality and flirtation. Everything that is extravagant and eccentric gains strength. After the 16th the results are visible. The planet is strengthened.

The good news is the emergence of the Coronavirus vaccine. Remember to back up your files until February 16th. Confirm your reservations and meetings. Don’t send messages. Operate via email and text messages. Confirm and reconfirm all appointments. Update your computer and smartphone’s antivirus.

Excellent month to all!

Style Cartel Horoscopes February 2020

Lunar Calendar

Waxing Moon in Taurus – February 1st – Period of resistance, nothing is guaranteed.

Full Moon in Leo – February 9th – Phase of expansion and growth of projects.

Waning Moon in Scorpio – February 15th – Audit and collection phase.

New Moon in Pisces – February 23rd – Plant new projects

February 3rd – Mercury enters Pisces

February 3rd – 10 PM GMT – Excellent for signing contracts

February 5th – Important discoveries in science (Coronavirus Vaccine)

February 7th – Venus in Aries

February 10th – Healing of professional and emotional relationships.

February 16th – Mars in Capricorn

February 16th – Mercury retrogrades

February 19th – Sun in Pisces

February 21st – Tense day

February 25th – Day of great inspiration


Aries Horoscopes

You have maximum power. Venus brings abundant money and opportunities for speculation. There is an opportunity to stand out in your career. This event gets stronger after the 16th. Friends request your presence. Participate in all events and congresses. Love is also in a great moment. People feel good by your side. What is not going so well is your health, some problems come from emotional issues.


TAURUS Horoscopes

You must keep your focus on the job. Let your family know the reason for your absence. February calls for total dedication to professional life. Finances are going well. Friends, institutions and social groups give you the deserved prominence. Get ready for various events, parties and congresses after the 19th. Love is successful. Your health does not match your efforts. You notice some improvement after the 19th.


GEMINI Horoscopes

Financial life is going through a difficult time as there is not much money circulating. Take advantage of the Full Moon to raise your bank account. After that work on administration and cutting expenses. February asks for family support. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help from relatives. In the midst of this scenario, you go through a reinvention of the SELF. Take care of your health after the 19th. Love is an excellent moment and libido is high.


CANCER Horoscopes

February is atypical until the 7th. Your life is hectic, full of social events and requests from friends. Organize finances well because the money comes until the 19th. Pay off debts and renegotiate loans. If you speculate, count on the profits after the 19th. Prepare to question faith, religion and dogma. You may be interested in another country or study a new language. Neutral love and weakened health after the 16th.


Leo Horoscopes

Good financial opportunities. Follow your intuition on speculation until the 17th. After that, listen to other people’s opinions. There is interest in international travel or studying a new language. Get ready for an inner transformation after the 19th. A new SELF emerges and is very positive. Until the 19th, Love happens naturally and you feel popular. After that, you choose a more reserved position. After the 16th, improve your health care.


Virgo Horoscopes

A month of popularity! You stand out all month. Pay attention to how you show yourself to the world. Be ethical, professional and honest. When the spotlight is on you, your conduct is questioned. February brings partnerships and new partners. Immerse yourself in this proposal. Venus brings good profits. Love happens naturally. If you’re single, get ready for an unexpected event. Health needs more attention.


Libra Horoscopes

February brings a change of course. There is an opportunity for a new job or a double shift job. You stand out and everyone wants your presence. After the 7th, Venus increases your confidence and brings good partnerships. Organize your emotions to enjoy everything the universe has to offer. After the 19th, count on a strong Health, you have the strength to run all your projects. Love goes through a neutral phase.


SCORPIO Horoscopes

You have good results at work after the 19th, until then, much to be done. It is not a good month for financial speculation. Everything comes from methodical work. Sudden loves can occur under the influence of Aries. Do not trust these events. Love life is good until the 7th, after that tensions return. After the 19th, lots of fun, high libido and good contact with children. Your Health shows improvement after the 19th.



Focus your strength on networking. Everything revolves around friends and professional contacts. There is prosperity coming from work. Don’t speculate and don’t count on luck. Walk by the most traditional methods to make money. Your family, or Home, demands more from you. This creates a feeling of imprisonment. Take care of emotions and understand that it is a phase. Health is going well. Love flows until the 17th.


CAPRICORN Horoscopes Style Cartel Horoscopes February

Excellent results if you work in the Home Office or with a relative. February is not the best month for work. Knowing this, be more flexible with yourself and accept the results as they come.

The best time of the month is until the 19th. After that be careful and save money. Affections do not go well. Dating and marriage seem colder. Health is excellent and you feel you have a lot of energy to act.


AQUARIUS Horoscopes Style Cartel Horoscopes February

Take the opportunity to start new projects. February promises good results for you. You are the most prosperous sign of the zodiac. Enjoy every minute and don’t lose sight of the new partners. Generate abundance. Health follows this good moment. You have enough energy to work for two. Love passes by you in the work environment. Open your eyes, especially after the 19th. Include charity in your new routine.


Piesces Horoscopes Style Cartel Horoscopes February

An excellent month ahead. You give little importance to the desire of others. The focus is on strengthening your life, your SELF and your career. There are prosperity and happiness. With the help of Venus in PISCES, you feel more beautiful and sensual. After the 3rd, count on the help of Mercury to move the affections. Love is on the rise and more work appears after the 16th. You have luck in financial speculation and your health is great.



ClaudiaVannini for Style Cartel Horoscopes February 2020.


Jan 31, 2020

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