Many industries have been affected by the Covid-19 crisis across the world, including the fashion industry. Stores and warehouses have been closed; factories have stopped production. Magazines have had to change how they produce content editorials, and stylists have to work in a completely different way to adapt.

I was lucky enough to speak with Joey Bevan, a fashion stylist who has been named by the national press as ‘one to watch’. His designs and style have been featured by the likes of Elle and Marie Claire, and he has styled The Saturdays, Kimberly Walsh and Emma Willis to name a few.


Karran: How are you coping during lockdown?

Joey: I am coping well; I’ve got the company of my dog Buddy. I am keeping myself busy and have started to grow my own seeds and veggies. I’ve also done lots of reading and just taking some “me” time. I won’t lie, it’s been nice to slow down.  

Karran: How are you staying creative during this period?

Joey: For me I need to stay creative - it’s like oxygen to me! Every Thursday I’ve been giving free fashion illustration lessons on my Instagram live - I’ve really enjoyed teaching my followers about illustration. I’m also shooting daily style looks on myself which I’ve really enjoyed. I think Instagram has been my saviour through this, it’s nice to feel connected.

Karran: What first got you interested in fashion?

Joey: All I can remember is loving fashion! I used to make garments from old socks for my sister’s Barbie dolls. I always was interested in film costume. I can’t remember a time where I didn’t love fashion, as Gaga would say - baby I was born this way!

Karran: For those who don’t know you, how would you describe your style?

Joey: My personal style is a mix of 50s meets 80s. I love smart causal and LOVE a Dad shirt! I have over 38 printed short sleeved shirts - including the one I wear on the show! In a nutshell I would say my style is modern retro with a swanky edge.

Karran: You’ve styled for some amazing celebrities, events and magazines; but what’s been your personal highlight and why?

Joey: For me it’s three major highlights: filming BBC’s You Are What You Wear - I loved every minute of being on set with the awesome team. Next, meeting the Queen! I was selected as the official designer for the Queen’s Coronation Festival - it was incredible having her watch my show! Lastly, was a world tour with a makeup brand - we did a documentary and travelled across the world over six weeks creating images inspired by culture. Seeing so many countries and different cultures in a short period of time really helped me to gain perspective and it was so inspirational!

Karran: Speaking of You Are What You Wear, can you explain a little bit about the show?

Joey: It’s the first makeover show the BBC have done in over 15 years! The show is hosted by Rylan Clark-Neal and five stylists (including myself) take turns to decide and makeover contestants who are longing for a new look. The essence of the show is helping people find their best self. The show is full of laughter and some tears. It was so much fun filming, it’s a good-hearted honest makeover show without the gimmicks. We can’t wait for everyone to see it!

Karran: What are your top 5 spring/summer wardrobe essentials?


1. Sunglasses. Make sure you have them for those lazy days in the garden. Although we are in lockdown, it doesn’t mean we can’t wear some fab shades to make us feel lockdown fabulous!

2. Layers. Layering is key in spring. The weather changes so much - so having layers to build a look up and take apart will keep you looking fresh.

3. Accessories. As the weather gets warmer, we lose the coats and hats so having some statement accessories to build up a look will help keep an outfit stylish.

4. White Trainers. They are a must have!You can’t go wrong with a clean stylish pair of white sneakers, they work with every look, from jeans and a T-shirt to a full suit. Trainers are easy to wear and comfortable – win win!

5. Capsule is key! Get quality basic items that work with each other, and you can mix and match.

Karran: One of the things I’m doing during this period is decluttering my wardrobe, what tips do you have for decluttering and organising my wardrobe?

Joey: Seasonal sorting is my favourite - I have tubs which I swap round A/W with S/S . I also love to think about my items - if I buy a new piece, it has to work with at least five different items in my wardrobe or I won’t buy it. If you haven’t worn something for over two years,then donate to a charity shop. Think capsule, colours that work together and can be mixed and matched. I follow Marie Kondo’s example - if it doesn’t start joy, then donate or give to someone else. I keep my wardrobes in order - one is smart wear the other casual. Everything is colour coordinated and makes life so much easier when getting ready!

Karran: What do you think are the most important issues affecting the fashion industry?

Joey: For me it’s fast fashion - the days are gone of seasonal trends. We used to have S/S and A/W then that would drip down to the high street where they would break into the four seasons, but now we are having a different trend per week and it’s too much. Since 2000, we haven’t really had a defined style, it’s just revisiting the styles of old, if it’s not the 90s, it’s the 70s, then we have the 80s, or the 60s and so on, when we look back at the last 20 years it’s just reusing styles through history.

Karran: What’s the one piece of fashion advice you would give to your younger self.

Joey: Don’t worry about what people think,don’t follow trends and do not wear the fake Burberry print shirts. Put the Ben Sherman straight fit beige jeans down and finally, the Scott from 5ive wet look gel spikes look terrible!

You Are What You Wear is a brand new makeover show programme that will be programmed weekly on BBC One starting Thursday 11th March.

Jun 10, 2020

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