Yes, summer is technically over but British summer means it's not completely unlikely to receive a good dose of sunshine in September and early October too. But here are some sunglasses to last you all season; for the rays of sunshine we can hope to get, for the holidays you might book to try and escape the rest of 2020 and for the less than bright days where you and your eyes just want a cover up.

Quay Australia

These mirrored shades from Quay Australia will brighten up any day

If there was ever a pair of sunglasses suited to the sun, it would be these rainbow-mirrored beauties from Quay Australia. Big enough to block the sun and statement enough to a catch everyone's attention. Featuring a bold brow bar detail, these are flattering on all face shapes and sizes. We're particularly loving the Pride rainbow mirrored style, as the colours sparkle with extra oomph when the light hits the frames. Best paired with a plainer outfit to execute the impact you're after - or throw caution to the wind and colour clash away. We're a huge fan of all of Quay Australia's collection, with collaborations featuring Queen and Girl Powder idols, Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lopez. The current collaboration is with Lizzo, need we say more?

Ace & Tate

Cool Blue
Sunglasses in cool shades - like this blue pair from Ace & Tate - is how you work the trend for winter

Most people opt for black sunglasses come autumn/winter - or at least a darker, berry hue, but a cool blue shade like this pair of pastel specs from Ace & Tate is exactly what we need to implement in the style stakes, September onwards. Crisp and clear to match what will hopefully be the mood of the colder mornings (much more preferable to dark, dreary and wet, don't you think?) Pair with an all white outfit to emphasise Narnia's White Witch chic or dress in a mix of colours and patterns and props to you if there's a similar kind of blue in your floral print.

Tortoiseshell is the perfect print to inject some play but keep it AW20

A classic sunglasses design, the tortoiseshell will never stop working in fashion. Exactly what you need when black feels too heavy but colours aren't what you're looking for. Add them to a bicycle shorts and oversized blazer look or work them into your lightwash jeans and white shirt outfit. Use the rest of your outfit to balance the tones in the tortoiseshell and you can't go wrong. What we love about this pair from Ace & Tate in particular, is that the tortoiseshell frames actually clip on and off, revealing a clear set of glasses underneath. Two sunglasses for the price of one is a bargain that can't be refused, surely?

Metallics are always suited to the colder months and these Ace & Tate sunglasses are no different

This Ace & Tate pair is excellent for a futuristic vibe. After all, why not? Covid-19 affected 2020 is practically a modern form of dystopia so why not find the silver linings (literally, in this case) and capitalise on the style front? Metallics are another trend that will never not be celebrated at some point by the fashion industry so investing in a silver, mirrored set of specs will come in handy and you'll find yourself nailing two trends in one by extending your silver style to the accessories department.

Vicious Eyewear

These statement shades from Vicious Eyewear in orange-red are sunproof and stylish

Say it louder for the people at the back with these bright orange specs from Viscious Eyewear. A new brand in the accessories department, Vicious Eyewear has a handful of styles we've got our eyes on, including these gorgeous oversized, boxy shades and these diamanté dream specs. Summer in style, at first glance, these shades are the perfect way to amp up your look. Their striking red hue means you'll make an entrance wherever you're headed. Yes, they really would fit in so well on a beach or at a bar in Ibiza but they're also exactly what is needed to add a bold brightness to dreary London, as the summer weather leaves us. Furthermore, their translucent material means that they're more of stylised sunglasses; perfect for indoor wear, as well for shielding your eyes from the sun.

Photos by Matto Mariotti

Sep 8, 2020

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