Thanks to Covid-19, 2020 has become the year of staycations; people everywhere were seen to swap their abroad holidays for local trips. So it was no surprise that Balance Holidays organised its first-ever grounding retreat in the UK - admist London Fashion Week.

Things slowed down (even to a complete standstill at one point) at we're still treading carefully. Wellbeing is at the heart of everyone's activities; we've practically been told by Mother Nature that we need to take a step back and it's no secret that this pandemic has taken its toll on peoples' mental health and anxiety levels.

Swap fashion for the forest - inside Balance Holidays' grounding retreat

So what better time to explore wellbeing retreats and take some time out from the intensity of this pandemic and the news surrounding it? Balance Holidays, the curator, designer and booking platform for wellness retreats in Europe had its first UK-based retreat over the weekend - with plans for more to be pencilled in the calendar.

This first four-day break took place in the Yorkshire countryside, with a 'Reconnect and Rewild' mantra - in partnership with legednary rewilding coach and natural life stylist, Tony Riddle.

Swapping fashion for the forest on this grounding retreat (as the dates of this first long weekend coincided with the usually hectic London Fashion Week, which went mostly digital this year), it could possibly have been the best way to recoup after the bizarre year so far.

Tony guided retreaters to explore a dynamic range of functional, engaging and fun movements through nature-immersive activities - perfect for getting back in touch with yourselves, as well as taking some time out in the countryside.

Get back in touch with nature and yourselves; the first grounding retreat was led by Tony Riddle

Barefoot woodland walks and runs, wild swimming and fire ceremonies all allowed guests to forget the stresses of their regular lifestyle, while mobility movement workshops and breathing and meditiation sessions were key in revitalising both mind and body.

We love our city lives but there's definitely something about treading barefoot on the soil or grass that makes you feel worry and trouble-free.It's a complete reset and if you are someone who's feeling sluggish and weighed down from the monotony of city life during a pandemic, we couldn't recommend it more.

Rewilding is having its moment right now so this retreat and more to come in the UK comes at the perfect time - getting back in touch with nature, staycation style. It's is unclear as to whether the future retreats will also take place among the 3,000 acres of land at the grand historical estate of Broughton Hall in Yorkshire - or if new locations will host each time.

Either way, immersing guests and retreat-goers in a green space, far away from their chaotic city lives, inviting retreaters to full embrace nature and to disconnect from their fast-paced lifestyles sounds pretty good to us.

At £3,000 it isn't a cheap method of relaxation but this price is inclusive of all programme activities and healthy meals across the four days of your retreat so if this sounds like a bit of you, it might be worth starting to put the pennies away slowly, in time for the next retreat.

Sep 22, 2020

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