As a person who is kind of OCD about cleans hands, this review is easy to write.  I always wash my hands like a billion times a day, so hand creams are essential for my hands. It is the ideal time for me to share my favourite natural brands.  I will keep adding to the list too. 

Selfcare starts with hands

Making your hands feel and smell lovely is one of the critical elements, so that is why Tropic is one of the hand creams I always have a tube stashed in pockets and makeup bags. 

The Fitz John Skin Care range 

The Best Natural Handcreams for Beautiful Hands

I do not know about you, but my hands are tired of wearing gloves. They are telling me by small outbreaks of eczema and dryness. The Fitz John Skin Care range has a nail and nail cream that makes my skin feel like silk.  Now that I cannot get to the nail salon, I need all the help I can get. 

This non-sticky hand cream formulated with nutrient-rich Cocoa Butter and plant oils that replenish lost moisture, keeping hands and nails nourished, protected and youthful. Selected essential oils encourage nail strength and help heal cuts and graze too. Since we are doing more home manicures applying this cream made fingers feel salon perfect. 

The If Skincare Relaxing Hand & Food Cream 

Suffering from eczema always makes me look into the ingredients of creams. So when a hand cream also ha the word relaxing in its remedies then I want to know more. Of course, the main ingredient was lavender. 

The rich non-greasy cream which is easily absorbed, leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturised. Contains beeswax, soothing honey and relaxing lavender. For day and night, use to help protect and soften skin. Suitable for all skins. After use, your hands feel smooth like butter. 

Essential Oils

Tropic hand balms are titled Recharge, Unwind and Uplift.  Who would have known these would be things we would need in our lives. With an indulgent mix of premium plant butter and nut oils, Tropic hand balms give your hands a pampering treat you need these days. They also have carefully selected essential oils to help to enhance your mood. Available in three unique scents and perfect for taking with you on the go.

Baby Soft  Hands 

For those of us who also suffer from sensitive skin, another best seller for me is Gallinee. La Culture is la creme pour mains.  If you want hands like a baby, then stock up on this French hand cream. Soothes, hydrates, and repairs. Helps support your good bacteria, regenerating dry and damaged skin. Hands are left feeling soft, supple, and are protected from external aggressors. Lifehack: Our Hand Cream also doubles as a foot cream. Bonus!

Hard Working Hands 

If you are like me and love a working man, I discovered that the neighbourhood hardware store also stocks one of my absolute favourites on the list O'Keeffe's.  Any visit to the hardware store to pick up items for spring cleaning and there it was right at the till.

Which for me already reminded me of what I already knew about this hand cream it works on overworked hands and smells good and feels like pearls. O’KEEFFE’S WORKING HANDS is for the entire family and then men in your life too. 

Guaranteed Relief for Extremely Dry, Cracked Hands

From builders and contractors to gardeners and nurses, many people suffer from the discomfort that dry skin can bring. Their promise is to make the best skin care products for workers who rely day-to-day on their hands. Non-greasy and free from scents and perfumes, O’Keeffe’s Working Hands not only moisturises dry skin but also protects your skin, giving it a chance to heal. Maintaining strong hands not only feels great and keeps them active, but it also helps prevent other, more severe problems from developing.

Avene Xeracalm Cream

Avene is an old family favourite. Spending summer in the Caribbean or in Paris, we always had products from Avene in the cupboards. With susceptible skin as a child and suffering from eczema, this cream soothed the summer sun and winter outbreaks. 

We will continue to add remedies and tips for self-care. Take care of your hands and stay tuned for more product reviews. The first range of emollient care dedicated to soothing itchy sensations. Suitable for babies, children and adults with dry skin, also ideal for people who may be prone to eczema.

We will continue to add remedies and tips for self-care. Take care of your hands and stay tuned for more product reviews. 

Mar 22, 2020

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