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Heading through the front door after a long day and lighting a candle is my much-loved way to unwind.


As much loved as this method of de-stressing is,unfortunately, so many candles are made from harmful ingredients such as synthetic fragrances that can be harmful to our breathing, and paraffin wax, a product of the oil industry that can pollute the air when burning. With this in mind, choosing to shop candles mindfully will benefit you and your conscious.

The Great Outdoors with Holistic London was created by ‘Jules and Adrian’ after replacing their food, home and beauty products with natural alternatives leading them to question how candles were made. Through endless research, Holistic London was born after discovering that a lot of candles harbour harmful ingredients and un-sustainable packaging. Introducing a range of stunning outdoor candles that are 100% natural, organic and only include essential oils and soy wax, if the outdoor range isn’t for you they have beautiful ranges of indoor candles too!


Inspired by the stunning outdoor settings, the outdoor collection from Holistic London captures wonderful ingredients in 3 fragrances. Ideal to infuse your garden, accompanying your outdoor dinner, or joining you on your relaxing hour in your egg chair (if you’re lucky enough to own one) these candles are made with the highest quality essential oils and are a eco-friendly soy wax blend, vegan, cruelty free and toxin free.

This new range has three gorgeous staples, Meadow, Forest, and Firewood.

Firewood, evoking the wilderness of outdoor life..


Meadow, evoking the fresh aromas of lavender and rose fields..

Forest, evoking the calm, quiet surroundings of the pure Nordic forests..

Each candle is 180ml and will burn for an impressive 40 hours. The collection can be found from Holistic London and cost £10 per candle.

As well as candles, Holistic London offer signature well-being and bath sets, all products are handcrafted and still 100% vegan and cruelty free and are perfect presents to give or pick me ups for yourself! The Mindful Box is a lovely set consisting of sleeping goodies and body care products, giving you in their words the chance to find space for rest, clarity and rejuvenation.


Unwind and enjoy this collection!

Sep 11, 2020

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