The Guys Grooming Guide

Male grooming in recent years has become more encouraged and admired, leading to a boom in the male beauty industry. However, with the world swimming in fragrances, grooming tools and advice, where to start can become daunting for a newbie to the industry.


The secret to male grooming is to be minimalist.. to appear clean cut, smelling good and skin clear is enough. This simply means, find the essentials that work for you, everything else is a plus, let’s start with skincare.


Start With Your Skin

A well selected wash and scrub will transform your skin even if you don’t immediately notice the differences, others will. Your skin will feel smoother, less prone to breakouts and appear brighter. There’s a product out there no matter your budget, starting with L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Soothing Face Wash at £4.99.With six essential oils and purifying ingredients, this budget friendly wash has been designed to calm sensitivity, de stress and nourish the skin while alleviating sensitive issues.


via. Superdrug

 With an increased price yet still affordable, another great option is the Horace Purifying Face Cleanser at £11 for 200ml. This no nonsense wash is one of Horace’s bestsellers, designed with 99% ingredients of natural origin including activate charcoal(proven to deeply cleanse) yuka, aloe vera and more.. this cleanser will purify and regulate oil production, therefore, reducing breakouts and reducing texture.

via. Horace


Moisturisers Are A Must

Moisturising after cleansing is a must in preventing tired,dry skin. As our skin is exposed to all kinds of harsh elements, re-hydrating and replenishing the skin is a must! These steps will also prevent premature aging, apply twice daily for the best benefits. Mornings are a must! Often,moisturisers can include an SPF protection and this will help protect your face against sun damage, sun spots, and related skin cancer risks. Origins a Perfect World SPF 40 is a great option, at £35 the antioxidants and white tea ingredients that battle against daily pollution and high SPF protection support the price point. Other brand such as Neutrogena, Mancave,and La Roche-Posay also offer great skin benefits and affordable prices.


For the night, the moisturiser should be switched up a little to include the ingredients that benefit the skin overnight. Face Theorys Relaxing Night Cream at £10.99is a vegan formula consisting of hyaluronic acid to retain moisture balance while you sleep, argan oil to nourish dry areas, and ferulic acid to provide antioxidant protection for skin and helps enhance the vitamin E in the skin that benefits overall skin health.


Shave Like An Expert

Whether you favour clean shaven, stubble, or an impressive beard, keep it tidy with a razor or electric shaver, depending on your preference.Prepare your skin beforehand with any shave oil or cream, imperative to preventing razor bumps and encouraging an easy glide; soaking the blades in warm water will encourage the pores to expand and therefore reduce sensitivity and therefore irritation. With practice you could create sharp beards that become admired, however, if it still feels like a inconvenience pop to the hairdressers as frequently as needed to keep it looking trim.

5 Piece Shave Set at £58.94


See sites for reliable shavers!


Find Your Signature Scent

Finding your perfect scent can be difficult, so take the time to head down to a department store where advice can be given about the scents that work with your preferences. Rather than owning so many that you lose count, find a couple of blends that can work in the summer and winter months, and invest. Eau de parfums have a higher concentration of fragrance and therefore last longer, whereas, eau de toilette is less, eau de cologne contains the lowest concentration of oils, so keep this in mind when shopping around.


Some of the popular brands are seen below;

Dior Sauvage Eau De Parfum

Tom Ford Black Orchid



Your Hands Matter

Keeping your hands and nails in order is often forgotten about, but as are hands go through the wars, treating them with care will keep them from looking dry, your nails from looking chipped, and cuticle beds from looking flaky. Trim them regularly, preferably after a bath or shower as this makes the nails softer and easier to trim, and use a moisturiser every few days to smooth things over.

Don’t Forget Your Locks

Your hair is vital to giving you that “put together” look,if you struggle with maintaining a style then start with regular trips to the barbers. Barbers can not only give you a trim style, but also give you great advice towards styling your hair type and recommend products that will work with your lifestyle and budget. Start there, and you’ll be on your way to perfecting your look.


Grooming shouldn’t be daunting, it’s all about pampering yourself, who doesn’t like a pamper?

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Aug 28, 2020

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