Yes, females all the flowers are starting to bloom, so that means its time to start taking care of your V. Yes and we have found The Perfect V™ Intimate Beauty Care Secret you need to know about. When you travel a lot like I do, sometimes the V area does not get the proper care she needs. That is why the intimate beauty care products are a booming business.  We ladies have to be ready for anything in a flash. 

VV Beauty Intimate Beauty Care Secret 
The Perfect V™  VV Beauty Intimate Beauty Care Secret

I have been using The Perfect V™ products for about 6 months now, and it has changed the aftercare of getting a wax each month. Thankfully, a new wave of intimate skincare products such as The Perfect V™ hopes we change the way we care for our bits down there. Gone are the days of douching and using products that give us infections.  Now beauty brands are focusing on minimizing the sweat down there to help us feel fresh 24/7.  After the gym, after our period and in between having sex.

The Perfect V Process

Step 1 

Part of my new intimate beauty routine has five stages. Which starts with the VV Cream gentle wash after a wax.  Why?  Because it cleanses, tones and soothes the skin precisely what we need after a wax. It also softens moisturizes and hydrates the skin.  It is pH balanced

and helps to prevent in-grown hairs and red bumps. While the Peach Kernel Oil softens, moisturizes and tones the skin.  The ingredient Rosa Damascena Flower Water conditions skin and leaves a light, fresh, natural scented.

Step 2

 VV Beauty Serum can you believe helps tight things up down there.  My own partner says he likes it tight down there, so anything that can help without getting surgery is a yes in my book.  This Soft velvety beauty serum helps to enhance the V.  It also smoothes fine wrinkles with a temporary firming action. 

Yes as we age, so does your V zone. Elderflower Extract and Bilberry help to brighten the skin.   The Sea Buckthorn soothes and Vitamin E conditions delicate skin.  The Organic Licorice Root Extract has anti-inflammatory properties as well. The pearly cream melts into skin, quick-dry down, soft aftertouch and ready for action after. 

Step 3

The VV Cream is also a Beauty Cream for the, V, which enhances, Renews and Improves the beauty of the V. Who knew we could take such luxury care of our private parts. 

This cream enhances, Renews and Improves the beauty of the V.  The Luxurious hydrating cream delivers radiance to the skin down there, vital to the area after a wax and helps to prevent in-grown hairs and red bumps. Parfait. As well as Quick-drying melts into skin like butter, leaving the area soft aftertouch.

This product is perfect between waxing, laser or shaving - the must-have item for your VANICURE™ regimen.  The Salicylic Acid helps alleviate red bumps, while the Sea Buckthorn soothes the delicate skin.  For added special luxury care, the Lingonberry & Bilberry Fruit Extracts are anti-inflammatory and reduce redness making this the ultimate pampering cream for the Perfect V.

Step 4

The line also has VV Beauty Sheets which are ideal for the summer months of travelling.  When you go to freshen up your face, you can also freshen up the V.   Refreshing beauty sheets to enhance the beauty of the V. The toilettes gently cleanses the delicate skin with a generously sized cloth. Which is pH balanced has Aloe leaf extract that gently conditions and softens the skin too. The VV Beauty Sheets - individual packets- the perfect on-the-go beauty item.  Which are sold in a box of 14 single beauty sheets?

Step 5

All you need now is the Beauty Mist to Refresh Revitalize. And Perfect your V zone. Great for after the gym when you are going out for the night because it Refreshes And Perfects The V Any Time, Any Place.

The hydrating mist Hydrates refreshes and soothes the delicate skin and is pH balanced.  To save you on the night of passion, it helps to neutralize odour with a fresh light scent. Leaving the skin conditioned and soft to the touch. Now that's fancy.  

The ingredients of Rosa Damascena Flower Water is a natural Skin conditioner and deodorizer. While the Cloudberry Fruit Extract soothes and strengthens skin and the Bilberry Fruit Extracts are also anti-inflammatory and reduces redness.

All of these products make you want to go out and have fun without worrying. These products actually make it phone to get a wax now because you know you have the opportunity to relax and give you an added at-home spa treatment for your treats down there.  Follow us on Instram for all the secrets.

Feb 17, 2020

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