Since Locked down, I have changed drastically what I eat and put on my skin. This September for Vegan Beauty week, I have gotten motivated to get back to the gym and schedule in more self-care moments in my life. On my journey, there is more yoga and the top vegan beauty products of the month to get ready for Autumn with more self-care moments pencilled in. 

Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week

The Top Vegan Beauty Products of September 2020

Lovebod Fresh Up Body Wash  by Miin Cosmetics

If you were looking for a refreshing shower gel that also hydrates your skin well, this is for you. It's perfect for all skin types, as it cleanses the skin leaving it soft, fresh and hydrated but not at all greasy: the saponin it contains takes care of that. Its fragrance is pleasant and somewhere between floral and woody, which is why it's our favourite to use in our morning showers: it awakens all of your senses.

The Top Vegan Beauty Products of September 2020

Cha V√łhtz Age Defy Pure Luxe Body Oil

The products by Cha V√łhtz are for women aged 35+ who want to know what they are putting on their skin and why. The age¬†Defy Pure Luxe Body Oil¬†a divine organic body oil for superior radiance and soft, nourished skin for people who are on to living an organic life. ¬†I like to use it on Monday morning right after I get out of the shower to wake me up to start a new week.¬†

The body oil is made with POMEGRANATE OIL, BERGAMOT OIL, MANDARIN OIL and NEROLI OIL.  Based on the essentials oils to get the body going literally.  This oil is also an excellent mixture for a relaxing massage and rejuvenating the skin. 

The Top Vegan Beauty Products of September 2020


Bolt Beauty

Their skincare capsules are made to measure for one use so are perfect for taking to the gym or abroad. Cleansers are often the guiltiest culprit at weighing down our bags, so their gentle, non-stripping Filthy Cleanser is the lightweight, environmentally conscious swap to make. It is also easy to keep in your self-care basket at home, then jus takes into the shower you own individual mix. 

Our favourites are the Beauty box filled the Vitamine A Game, Glow Don't Shine, Mad About Moisture and Filthy Clean.   Each capsule is made from a biodegradable seaweed, meaning that they can be dissolved in water once finished with. The brand is carbon neutral and refillable. Making it an excellent replacement for travel minis.

Top Vegan Beauty Bolt Beauty

More About Your Beauty Mix

Vitamine A Game

Vitamin A is another word to describe "retinoids" in skincare. They use "retinol" in Vitamin A Game at a 0.15% concentration.  Want Results? Retinol is clinically proven to make skin brighter, firmer, and smoother; reduce fine lines and pigmentation, and achieve more precise blemish-free skin. Vitamin A Game is a fragrance-free, clear serum that's a similar consistency to runny honey. It's a game-changer for smoother, firmer, and brighter looking skin. I have been using it for a month, and my skin is glowing. 

Top Vegan Beauty bolt beauty

Glow Don't Shine

A slightly fragranced (a fresh, gentle, minty scent that just comes from the essential oils.)  A clear serum that's a similar consistency to smooth honey. It's been dermatologically tested to reduce shine and imperfections. Say bye to that shiny T-zone and hello to your natural glow. Perfect for the acne-prone skin. 

Top Vegan Beauty bolt beauty

Mad About Moisture 

A fragrance-free, milky-coloured moisturizing lotion. It's super hydrating (with two molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to lock in the moisture) and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.  As we get ready to travel again soon, this is your Long flight's beauty travel size girlfriend.  Now that I am getting back to the gym, it is a  post-gym and out with just a small clutch bag fresh up pal. 

Top Vegan Beauty bolt beauty

 Filthy Clean

This gentle, everyday cleansing gel (suitable for sensitive skin) to wash away makeup, dirt, and pollution, leaving skin clean, soft, and smooth. After applying water, it turns a bit milky and will wash away with water (it's not a foaming cleanser so won't foam up). It's designed to be gentle and not strip your skin of its natural oils. Soft, effective and oh so convenient. Filthy Clean leaves your skin clean, refreshed and ready to go! I love using all the products with my facial cleansing brush you hardly need water. 

The Top Vegan Beauty Products of September 2020
Elemental herbology Eye Elixir

The packaging is so pretty and compact you will be able to take with you anywhere.  It will get through customs so don't worry the next time you travel about your face needing a pep up on a long flight. A little goes a long way. 

The Eye Elixir encourages collagen production while reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness with this triple-action formula. The delicate eye area is renewed and repaired, leaving skin brighter, smoother and hydrated.

What is in it? Ingredients like¬†¬†Eyeliss‚ĄĘ: Triple action peptide concentrate to reduce dark circles and puffiness.¬†Marshmallow: Anti-inflammatory and skin softening, this healing root extract helps to maintain levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin.¬†Lanablue¬ģ: A hydrating blue, green algae clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth and stimulate collagen synthesis. Before applying put on an iced face mask to get your eye area ready to soak up all the goodness.¬†

 Kear's Face Balms Antioxidant Face Balm  Top Vegan Beauty bolt beauty

MILK MAKEUP Matcha Cleanser

Ideal for on-the-go no-nonsense cleansing, Milk Makeup's Matcha Cleanser comes in a unique stick form that'll slip easily into your travel bag. Its alien green colour is the product of antioxidant-packed matcha green tea, a skincare hero that detoxifies skin and soothes inflammation. Other ingredients include calming lavender water and purifying algae extract, not to mention microbead-free exfoliants that gently remove dead skin cells and impurities, leaving your face silky smooth. Paraben-free, soap-free and sulphate-free, the vegan cleanser contains only good-for-you ingredients ‚Äď a plus if ever there was one.¬†

The solid form makes it great for on-the-go ‚Äď you won't have to cram it into an overflowing sandwich bag at airport security, plus it doesn't leak, so you don't need to worry about a green-hued stain marring your favourite travel bag. After removing your makeup, gently swipe the Matcha Cleanser over damp skin. Massage it into your skin using your fingers before rinsing. This is a great on the go cleanser the starts to dry up if you do not rinse it off quick. ¬†The brand is kinda pricey, but if you are into vegan beauty products than this one works and your face feels clean after use.¬†

MILK MAKEUP Watermelon Brightening Serum

With enough fruit extracts to have us wondering if it counts towards our five a day (the dream), this ultra-nourishing formula is packed with skin-loving ingredients. Star of the show is watermelon extract, which supplies an immediate hit of hydration that's boosted by nourishing prickly pear. And of course, you can't have fruits without antioxidants ‚Äď amidst this fruit cocktail are vitamins A, C, and E ‚Äď which help to neutralize free radicals and ward against pollutants. At the same time, Swiss garden cress sprout extract works to lessen dark spots and revitalize depleted skin. Not only does this super serum leave your face looking dewy and luminous but, its stick format is flight-friendly (and spill-proof) which means its ideal for gym bags or hand luggage and perfect for all those whose skin needs a quick shot of glow on-the-go. Plus, as with everything Milk Makeup, Watermelon Brightening Serum is 100% vegan, cruelty¬†and¬†paraben-free.

Swipe the serum all over your skin and gently pat dry with your fingertips. I love the packaging of this serum, you do not have to use your fingers, so it is an on the go serum. Clean and refresh and rehydrated all in one.

Milk COOLING WATER Instant under-eye de-puffer.

This cooling water DE-PUFFS the eyes and is infused with caffeine to support micro-circulation, giving skin an energized, refreshed glow.  It soothes with natural seawater to calm and hydrate irritated skin. The gels hydrating formula glides onto skin to lock in moisture all day.

MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water Undereye Patches

Chill out with Milk Makeup's eye-brightening Cooling Water Eye Patches ‚Äď a staple in your late-night recovery kit. These innovative patches give a refreshing cooling sensation when applied, waking up revealing tired eyes in time for your 9 o'clock meeting/brunch sesh/hot date (delete as applicable). Ramping up the patches' energizing properties is our morning hero, caffeine, which supports microcirculation and banishes any puffiness. Natural seawater and lavender combine to hydrate and soothe your under eyes, helped along by anti-inflammatory aloe to keep irritation at bay. The fabric-backed patches take their job very seriously ‚Äď they effortlessly stick to your under-eye skin without slipping or sliding over your face, so you can go about your daily business ‚Äď *cough* Netflix *cough* ‚Äď while they work their magic.¬†

Place the patches gel side down under your eyes and leave for 10-15 minutes. Use the patches 2-3 times a week for the best results. Discard after use and avoid direct contact with eyes. Top tip: Keep the patches in the fridge to intensify the cooling effect.  These can also be used to treat your forehead wrinkles too. 

MILK MAKEUP Vegan Milk Moisturizer

Moisturise the Milk Makeup way with the brand's all-new Vegan Milk Moisturizer. Perfect for those with dull, sensitive and the driest of skin, this luxe and ultra-rich moisturizer parches thirsty skin with its blend of vegan milk. This includes the likes of fig milk to refresh soften and soothe, oat milk to calm and comfort skin and argan milk, which helps to seal in moisture. There's also desert milk, extracted from baobab, Kalahari melon, jojoba, and aloe vera, which thrive in arid environments, this concoction instantly hydrates and helps skin stay moisturized. Finally, the inclusion of grapeseed oil and olive-derived squalane balance oil levels and protect against environmental stressors.

Massage a dime-sized amount into the skin with fingertips. Use as the final step in your skincare routine. Apply morning and night.  This vegan milk moisturizer is thick, and your face sucks it all in. I love to use it after a day in the sun when your face needs it the most. 

MILK MAKEUP Hydro Grip Primer

Take your skin on a trip (geddit?) with Milk Makeup's brand new, green-tinted liquid Hydro Grip Primer. Boasting a massive hit of plant-derived oils, as well as moisturizing, soothing and balancing aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid, and B vitamins, this hard-worker deeply hydrates skin for a smooth and blissed-out finish. While the game-changing addition of blue agave extract forms an invisible layer to grip make up for all-day hold. In fact, in a consumer study, 100% of subjects said their skin felt more hydrated, had a healthy-looking glow, and their make up lasted longer as long as 12-hours post application! Just allow the formula one minute to fully absorb to activate full grip effect and then apply your make up as usual to create a flawless and long-lasting makeup look.

Pump 1-2 shot(s) of primer on the back of your hand. Blend a thin layer onto clean skin before makeup application. Allow formula one minute to fully absorb to activate grip for all-day hold. Layer foundation and other makeup on top for a smoother use that lasts all day, or wears alone for fresh-faced, glassy skin.

 Kear's Face Balms Antioxidant Face Balm 
 Kear's Face Balms Antioxidant Face Balm  Top Vegan Beauty bolt beauty

Kear Life Antioxidant Face Balm with Superfruit Hippophae, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Propolis and Orange is a 100% naturalness factor. It is a moisturizing, antioxidant and vitamin-packed face balm, ideal for your daily dose of nutrients against skin damage from daytime sun exposure and pollution.

Free from: artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, toxic preservatives and any other unsafe ingredients. Not tested on animals. This face balm is lovely and light. I cherish putting it on my face. Another face cream that is great for after a day in the sun.  It smells like summer and helps keep the glow.

 Kear's Face Balms Antioxidant Face Balm  Top Vegan Beauty bolt beauty

Age-Defying Face Balm 

Kear Life-Defying Face Balm with Herbal Superstars like Olive Oil, Beeswax, Calendula, Hippophae, Red Vine, Propolis, Orange is 100% naturalness factor.

 Kear's Face Balms Antioxidant Face Balm  Top Vegan Beauty bolt beauty

100% natural.¬†Ancient formulas passed down from Greek scholars and philosophers have been adapted into conscientious products to meet the needs of today's fast-paced daily personal care routine. ¬†őļő≠ŠĺįŌĀ¬ģ uses all these active ingredients to help fight the signs of ageing and create a healthy, even-toned, firm and radiant skin. After a few uses, complexion will become smoother, brighter and more balanced. ¬†Versatile and multi-functional, equally efficient on eyes, neck, d√©colletage, even hands, heels and cuticles. ¬†Not tested on animals either.¬†

Lotil Foot Cream

Now that I have learned to do home pedicures food cream is essential to keep my feet soft.  Using foot cream DAILY should be part of your self-care routine. LOTIL absorbs quickly, deeply moisturizes, and doesn't leave a sticky residue.  It is a thick cream to heal all the cracks in the feet. 

Nairian Night Serum

Last but not least is the  Nairian Night Serum. The nourishing and rejuvenating serum is my Sunday night treat for my face. I adore applying after a nice bath on my face to soak up all the wholesome oils. Made with some of my favourite ingredients like Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Frankincense oils, the Nairian Night Serum nourishes and rejuvenates my skin.  While the silky Coconut Oil strengthens and restores dry and flaking skin, while the high content of vitamin A and E present in Apricot Kernel Oil, helps to moisturize and nourish dry, maturing skin. The blend of Rosehip and Sea Buckthorn Oils has extraordinary age-defying properties.

Green People 3-Steps to Natural Hair


The Quinoa protein nourishes each hair strand for soft, sleek shine. While Artichoke smoothes the hair's surface for frizz-free locks. The 8 essential amino acids coat hair shafts for thicker, more manageable hair. The Quinoa protein has been shown to boost shine. Restore luxurious shine and manageability for all hair types


This Volumizing serum, for all-natural hair types the serum provides light hold and touchable softness. All you have to do is style it and the product's condition your hair with our nutrient-packed, lightweight hold hair serum suitable for sensitive scalps. It helps to keep your style in place without stickiness or weighing your hair down, which I love. My hair just feels healthy. And smells terrific. 

Feeling happy and healthy is part of the Style Cartel DNA to promote health and wellness and share more Vegan Beauty options. Follow on Instagram for more beauty tips.

Sanex Deodarant Natur Protect

Formulated with a sustainable natural source of Bamboo Powder, offering adequate odour protection and freshness. Sanex Natur Protect Fresh Efficacy deodorant is developed with a sustainable natural source of Bamboo Power to provide you with adequate odour protection and freshness for 48h. Finally, a deodorant I am not afraid to put on my underarms. It this stay in my travel beauty bag because it gets the job done and it is a European brand you can buy everywhere if you cannot fin those special ones in the health food stores.

Feeling happy and healthy is part of the Style Cartel DNA to promote health and wellness and share more Vegan Beauty options.  Follow on Instagram for more beauty tips. 


Photos by: Sachin Ghataaura








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