omen often wear makeup, either as part of their everyday routine or as one step of the process they use when going out for a special occasion. Remember, however, that what goes on must also come off. Although it may be tempting to just leave that makeup on to deal with in the morning and go to bed, this isn’t the best idea.

The makeup and all of the dirt and germs that have gotten trapped in the makeup can wreak havoc on your skin when left on for a long time, leaving you with clogged pores and a breakout. Instead, follow this easy process to get clean your face before bed.

Step 1 – Put Up Your Hair

For the best results, follow the proper order of facial cleansing. This means putting up your hair before you start trying to use any cleansers, such as Renee Rouleau eye makeup remover. If you don’t get your hair away from your face with a ponytail, you’re likely to miss the makeup that’s along your hairline and end up with a breakout in this area. Putting up your hair makes removing all the product so much easier.

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Step 2 – Consider a Steam Treatment

Trap some steam from hot water against your face with a washcloth or even hop in a steamy shower, as the steam will help loosen the makeup.

Step 3 – Apply Cleanser to the Face

You can use a product made especially for makeup remover or a cleansing oil or cream, micellar water, or gel cleanser. Just avoid relying on makeup wipes alone, as these never fully remove all traces of the products that you’ve applied. You could use these as a preliminary cleanser.

Step 4 – Wait Patiently

Let the cleanser sit on your face for a couple of minutes and the makeup will come off more quickly. You won’t have to scrub and risk damaging your skin.

Step 5 – Remove the Cleanser

Remove the cleanser gently without any rubbing to limit damaging any sensitive skin, such as that around the eyes. Use a cotton makeup pad rather than a cotton ball for the best results.

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Step 6 – Use an Eye Makeup Remover

The area around the eyes is particularly sensitive, so it’s best to use a speciality product to get rid of makeup in this area. This is especially true in the case of waterproof mascara. Be sure to pat gently and move the cotton pad in the direction the eyelashes grow in the minimize the risk of pulling one out.

Step 7 – Moisturize

Many products for facial cleansing can dry out the face, so make sure to use your favourite moisturizer after you’ve finished removing your makeup. Just be sure you’ve fully removed the makeup so you don’t trap any makeup, dirt, or germs against the skin when you apply the moisturizer.

Now that you’ve properly removed all your makeup, you can go to bed with the peace of mind that you’ve done all that you can to keep your skin healthy and blemish-free. Sleep tight!

Jan 29, 2020

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