Hey Everyone,

My face may not be new to some but is new to many.

I’m Tillie Eze, and the former and current Senior Lifestyle Editor of Style Cartel. Actually, it was Senior Lifestyle and Fashion Editor, but if honest, isn’t fashion a lifestyle anyway? No reason to continue splitting hairs.

Tillie Tuesday

But wait, let me clear this up for the folks asking how I’m former and current but new to their block. Well, lovelies, eight years ago a 25-year-old Tillie was living on the Upper East Side of New York, with the sanest roommate in her cohabitation history, just having left a seemingly promising fashion gig turned dour. My friend Michael somehow knew Charlotte (I’m intentionally not giving specifics because I want no texts saying, “We aren’t that, but ok!”), and told me there was a Black woman in Paris with a digital magazine possibly needing contributors. I thought, “well, je parle française, and I’m a Black woman.”

Within a few days, Charlotte had sent dozens of invites with the message, “Wanted to know if you can attend this?” By month’s end (it was May 2012), I had access to the editorial email, couriers with products galore buzzed the doorbell throughout the day, and got to see Yuna perform in this small music venue in Meatpacking. By Fall, I was doing backstage at fashion weeks, was being offered car service to events (this was like teleportation in New York summer heat, so know that!), covered the launch of The Cut...yes, the cut is only 8 years old! [Sidenote: The Cut at the start was far superior to many other fashion outlets, even being so new, and I don’t think people ever really gave them their credit. But they forget, The Cut was built on intellect first (a baby of New York mag) and style second. Where they are today? Not sure, but if the same women who were at the helm then, are still running it now, they are definitely in good hands. Unless they too have sunk with that fashion ship…eek?]

Tillie Talks

I quickly rose to a leadership role, given North America and Europe except – France, Italy, and London, while still covering entertainment, beauty, fashion, travel, and wellness. Tried every product. Went to every event. Transcribed every interview (until I discovered Rev.com!). Wrote every story. Tried to take original photographs for each moment. Overtime certain areas became heavily unbalanced, and felt torn between doing what paid my bills, or doing what I love and gave creative freedom.

Life Ups & Downs

At 27, paying the bills OBVIOUSLY won, saying au revoir to Style Cartel in June 2016. That moment is somewhat of a blank. I see it as being one of the things I had to let go of, before moving forward. Even though the next months were a bit messy, we quickly found our footing in what seemed, for me, like an irreparable relationship.

And to be honest, many relationships were evaluated, then re-evaluated since then. My time away allowed me to re-centre myself in my world, hold myself accountable for the errors made personally, as well as hold others accountable for their own follies towards me. That didn’t mean immediately cutting off, or immaturely blocking to avoid, but it did mean getting very real about the role I played in my own unhappiness.

So, here I am, at 33, saying hello again, but from a very different perspective. And don’t worry, though much of my world is filled with boundaries, love, and tons of light, the question “Is it pretty?” still requires a “yes!” before most purchases. I mean, I am a Libra! :: smile and wink::

Donc, salut et à bien tôt!


May 19, 2020

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