I don’t believe in not being able to meditate. I don’t believe in not having the time to meditate. And I don’t believe that if one style of meditation doesn’t work for you, that it’s just not for you.

Everyone needs moments of intentional silence for reflection. I started consciously and actively meditating April 2017 after being introduced to Heartfulness while visiting a childhood friend in the Bay Area. On our way home after my first in-person session, we hadn’t left the parking lot, when through sobs I asked, “Is she available to do another session before I leave?”

It was different from the idea of meditation as a mindful practice, but meditation as a heart-centred one. I still have remote sessions with her, and send Heartfulness information to anyone who has interest, but it was also important for me to not be tied to one thing, or one way of doing something. So spent the last years developing different ways to use meditation for healing through cannabis, crystals, guided, the sun/moon, and one of my favourites, sounds – popular music and Hz Frequency.

Meditation is a practice beneficial for all to learn

Hz Frequency are tones used to promote mind, body, spirit alignment, and connecting with a higher self. And as cliché as this sounds (teehee!), I believe re-grounding ourselves in the “where are we right now”, will help when the “where are we going” comes. Because we don’t know where we are going for certain, though many of us have clearer vision of where we are going, but we know where we are every step of the way. Like those staircases that light your path as each foot climbs a step. Hz Frequency consistently lulls me into a place of meditation and constructive subconscious thought processes, that it’s where I refer people to start when being still, is a struggle.

It’s said that there are six main frequencies – 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, 852Hz – that offer individual healing traits. My body enjoys 528Hz. 528Hz is considered the frequency of clarity, DNA repair, love, and often labeled “the miracle tone”. As you listen to the thousands of variations on YouTube and music streaming channels, you’ll discover which sound activates what within you.

Specific links I enjoy

Healing Sleep Music 432Hz

528Hz Raise Vibration

Binaural Beats Isochronic Tones

528Hz Open Heart Chakra

741Hz Emotional Detox

852Hz Awaken Intuition

Channels with a plethora of options

Meditative Mind

Simply Hypnotic


PowerThoughts Meditation Club

The tools to learn are all around you

Often, when sending the frequencies, I’ll include other meditative components to incorporate. This is one I shared with an editor looking for tips for an online magazine. She never used it (I hope not, because I wasn’t credited), so am free to share –

Do a fun activity, solo, that you actually want to do. Something that will take all of your focus, but have you be silent. This may seem boring, but washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning, decluttering – all things that force you to focus and be alone. You'll be clearing up space around you, and within. I don't recommend this for large cleaning sessions...those typically tire you out.

This was not apart of what I sent her, but – being in the sun for about half an hour, with your frequency of choice is an experience. I recommend not going at peak heat. Either in the morning before it’s blazing, or right before the sunset cools down the day and becomes picturesque. Peak heat takes you from tapping in to your highest self, to a dangerously hallucinogenic state…and that is not this goal.

Journal. Pluck one of the images that surface (preferably the most probing) and find a space where it’s just you and your frequency. Playing through a headset, or out loud, write what comes to mind and heart. Don’t hold back. If what flows begins to scare you, angers you, leaves you uneasy or soaking your clothes with tears, stop. Rebalance your breath, and examine why. Spend a minute or so doing this, then continue to free flow. Write until enough of the energy from that probing thought/image/feeling has released from you. The idea is to get you to a place where you release all of it. Which may not happen solely through meditation, but you’ll excavate much of that cavity.

Connect with your heart centre no matter where you are

Something to note is that I HIGHLY encourage stillness, or movement in a contained space, when using Hz Frequency. It really alters your state, so driving or walking with this sound in your ear, isn’t safe. Especially if you are prone to disassociating or spacing out when relaxed. Here is a silent option shared with a college classmate who messaged about one day hoping to start –

If you take five minutes, at around the same time every day, and just sit outside in silence, or go for a walk in silence... you’ll see how easy it is to drop it into your day, without making any huge shifts. Even if you’re walking home listening to music, the last five minutes of the walk, turn it off, and allow yourself to experience the world around you. What do you notice? How does your body feel? What shops have opened that you haven’t seen before? What shops have closed that you haven’t noticed? What are the sounds? What’s running through your head? Just add it to what you are doing. You don’t consciously see that you’re meditating, because you’re doing it while performing a task you planned on doing.

I hope these little ways encourage you to explore meditation in your everyday!

Jun 16, 2020

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