So, you’re excited to party with your girl after a long time. You have everything perfectly planned and everything seems to be perfect, but there’s one problem — your outfit! It’s ok, no need to panic, we are here to give you several ideas which will make your life easy. The first thing you have to think about is where you plan to go since that determines if you have to dress casually or formally. However, we have several tips listed for you in this article. Keep reading to get some ideas.

Picking a Casual Outfit

You can dress up for a girl’s night out by wearing denim with a button-down shirt or a tank top. Tuck your top into your jeans for more vibe, specifically if you wear high waist jeans. Tops and tunics that need to be worn outside your pants could be used for a night out with girls which gives you a soothing and comfortable feeling. You can also add two or three layers that are fashionable and functional if it is cold outside. You can take advantage of layers by styling with cute fur coats and scarves. That way you can look stylish and feel warm! You can even look casual with club dresses for women since you can easily perform your dance moves in casual dresses rather than formal dresses.

Creating a Formal Look 

By creating a formal look, you can select tailored clothing that fits your body well. You can wear a dress or a pencil skirt that hits your lower or mid-thigh. If you want to wear pants you can easily select dress slacks that are flattering and strike to the right length. Materials like velvet, silk or satin are all formal wear — you can avoid clothing that looks fragile or cheap or has sloppy frays or stitching. One great tip is you can wear wool, raw satins and silk which are very elegant and fabrics keep everything where it should be. For a girl’s night out, you need to dress up formal where you can enjoy more rather than carrying your dress. 

Accessorize with Classy Jewelry 

If you’re going to wear jewellery, you can opt for elegant accessories and should stay away from gaudy costume pieces. You can wear accessories like a dainty gold chain with an emerald drop. A little goes a long way with jewellery so you need to stick one or two jewellery pieces. You can wear jewellery based on your neckline, for instance; you can wear high-collared top calls for the bigger earrings with a long-pendant that will look classy on the dress. 

Casual Weekend Girls Night Out 

Black skinny jeans are versatile incredibly, making them a must-have in the wardrobe. Here is how you can wear them for night and day for winter and fall. This is a great jeans outfit to hang out with girls at night and to wear on special occasions such as New Year's Eve. In the day, you will still look cute and cosy in an easy outfit like a knit sweater for colder weather. If you opt for wearable ankle boots and carry a classic bag, it will take you through a day of running errands or walking through woods. 

In the evening, when it’s time to dress up, switch out your accessories as well as wear a sanity top with black skinny jeans. You can also wear sparkly accessories with high heel shoes in pastel tones which will give you a unique look. Wearing dark colours can help you hide sweat marks or spills. An all-black outfit disguises stains and not only looks trendy. You can pick shades like navy, black, dark grey or even a royal blue. This applies to the footwear whereas white shoes are to get stained or spilt. You can’t go wrong with a black dress if you are going out with your girlfriends. In the event that you as of late purchased a couple of bodysuits and are stressed over how to use them in looking smart and stylish, we have you secured! You can figure out How to Style a Bodysuit?

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Neon colours like hot pink, lime green or bold hues like bright red are eye-catching colours. You can slip on with the shoes that seem comfortable to you for dancing. It is quite tempting for you to wear your favourite pair of shoes for the party but you should wear shoes that can be used practically. 

Apply make-up to your best features to make yourself stand out with dark smoky eyes and layers of mascara. Balance them out with nude lip colour and light foundation. 

It is important for you to look your best especially when you hang out with your friends because you have a better time when you know your outfit is on point. You feel happy and more confident which is why you may even end up making new friends! Comfort should be your number one priority as you can only be care-free when you have no worries of tripping over high heels or worrying about your clothes being too short! So follow these tips to have a great night!

Sep 24, 2020

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