Let's get honest ladies...how many of you wish the summer lasted longer. For me those couple of months of real summer is just not enough. I love the smell of the sunshine in my hear and the breeze of the salty water on my skin. To keep that summery sensation for longer, we selected 3 top fragrances that will certainly remind you of those happy sunny days.


Mark jacobs never disapoints with his flowery scents. Part of the well-known Daisy collection, Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh is a sparkling, light fragrance to lift your mood. Daisy Eau So Fresh opens with sweet notes of grapefruit and raspberry, before moving into a heart of jasmine, rose, lychee and apple blossom. A base of musk, Virginia cedar and plum offers a balanced finish to this vibrant fragrance. It can be worn for any occasion, offering the perfect accompaniment to boost your mood. Especially when days start getting much shorter and colder.


Chloe Nomade is another floral scent with a warming and woody sense to it. It offers a combination of strong, modern notes, sweet Mirabelle plum combines with citrus bergamot and lemon notes, before opening to a flowery heart of freesia, jasmine, peach and rose and finishing on a bold, earthy base of oakmoss, patchouli, amber and sandalwood. Uplifting andadventurous it is a perfect fragrance for early autumnal days.


Arizona Bloom is the new eau de parfum by contemporary British fragrance brand, FLORAL STREET. Award-winning leaders in sustainable scent, they champion affordable and vegan fine fragrances powered by flowers. It’s reminiscent of nights spent camping by fire light, the fragrant breeze of the vast desert and grounded, connected living. On contact, this scent warms with the skin and carries long into the evening like the ‘Queen of The Night’ flower a cactus species only found in the desert and famous for its nocturnal blossom. To create the natural high and euphoric feeling of the fragrance, a combination of dry, amber ingredients and crystallized musks like a second skin, have been used to create a 'salted musk'. This gives a warming sensation in combination with the aromatic black pepper.

Aug 28, 2020

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