Despite easing of lockdown, many kids attractions still remain closed for their safety. But luckily we can stay outdoors as much as we need. And nothing boosts our immune system better than fresh air. Therefore we put together top 5 products than will help you create a perfect day out for you and your little, but full of energy monsters. Have fun!

Muddy Puddles Lined Ecolight All-In-One

With unpredictable British weather changing from minute to minute, The Muddy Puddles All-In-One is the top choice when going out and about. ‘Save our Oceans’ collection took its inspiration from their passion for the future of the world’s oceans and our planet. With the aim to help protect the oceans by offering sustainable fashion, the whole collection is made from eco-friendly fabrics using recycled plastic bottles.

The range is designed using bold, eye-catching prints depicting the ocean, and the animals and nature inhabiting the seawater. Bursting with vibrant blues, greens, yellows and coral colours, the sea of exciting prints, from simple but striking blue waves,to chic green and coral seaweed, signature yellow raindrops, and the thought-provoking navy whaleprint inscribed with ‘recycle to save me’ slogan,promises a pattern to suit everyone. Matylda was very excited to jump in every single muddy puddle we came across.

Wickedmania Jumping Rope

Who hasn't heard about the Wicked’s Mega Jump, a premium adjustable skipping rope yet, this is a good time to make a start. Parents are happy to re-live their own childhoods and introduce skipping tricks and Double Dutch to their kids. By avoiding play equipment and bringing your own toys, families can still enjoy spending time together without worrying about germs. With all the negativity around it’s great to see how toys are helping strengthen relationships between parents and their children.

Forest School Activity Cards

If you are running short of ideas to entertain the children and with Summer just around the corner, this is the perfect time to offer quick, easy to follow activities that will not only keep the children occupied but equip them with skills and experiences that they will keep with them forever. Following the ethos of Forest Schools across the country, every activity centres around nature and the environment, so children are encouraged to explore their garden or local park (whilst following the Government's guidelines and practicing social distancing). Matylda was very curious to discover snails in our area. Hello adventure!

Jun 7, 2020

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