Is your little one not a massive fun of bath time? Is your bathroom more like a battleground rather than playground? If yes, then you are not alone! With so many parents struggling to encourage their kids to enjoy the evening routine, we are so excited to introduce Kids Stuff Crazy Foaming Soap and Magical Sparkling Bubble Bath, available from Superdrug.

Foaming Soap

Let your kids’ imagination go wild and create a colourful creative zone with Kids Stuff Crazy Foaming Soap (in both pink and blue. This mild and gentle formula of mouldable foam cleanses whilst allowing children to explore their creative side. These products are perfect for sensory play and mark making - encouraging learning through shapes and patterns - or for giggles galore. Just spray the foam in the air for a snow themed bath time. Shake the bottle, then simply squirt into the palm of your hand and let your imagination run wild!

Magical Sparkling Bubble Bath‚Äć

Transform bath time into a glittery lagoon and watch your little one‚Äôs eyes fill with glee, with Kids Stuff Crazy Magical Sparkling Bubble Bath. This mild and gentle formula will put the sparkle back into bath time ‚Äď quite literally - and leave skin feeling clean and fresh. From building a magical bubble castle, to creating a sparkly snowstorm, your imagination can run wild as you spend some quality time with your little ones.


Apr 12, 2020

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