This week we were road testing super safe Diono Radian 5 car seat. Smiley Matylda confirms that she likes travelling this way. And as a mum, who is not really a technical expert, I was positively surprised by how easy it was to assemble. The key thing is to follow the instructions. Within a few minutes the car seat was ready for testing. A great thing about Diono Radian 5 is the fact, that with its slim design, there is still a lot of space left in the car. Secondly, its extended rear facing (25kg) means that my daughter can travel in the safest possible way for much longer.

Diono provides ultimate protection with extended rear facing capacity and longer 5 point harness use when forward facing. Suitable from birth to 25kg rear facing and 9-25kg forward facing, Radian 5 gives you the option to choose what’s right for you and your family at a time to suit you. Matylda is quite tall, so for her forward facing ride is much more comfortable. But the car seat can be used by kids up to 25kg, so there is no need to change a car seat for 6-7 years! I consider it a huge saving for a family budget.

Ultimate Protection

Like for any parent, safety is a key for us. Thanks to the unique steel frame, Radian 5 is super strong to resist crash forces and offer the most amount of protection. Radian claims that metal reinforcements and the best EPP foam provide the ultimate side impact protection. The straight side walls ensure your child stays contained in the seat during a crash. As for me, steel frame is the reassurance of the safety of my little girl ,and as far as I am aware this is the only car seat on the market with such a strong construction.

Extended Rear Facing

As I mentioned, with a rear-facing capacity up to 25kg, Radian 5 allows children to travel in the safest position for as long as possible. When you do transition from rear facing, Radian 5 will still keep little ones in a 5-point harness up to 25kg. Diono claims that longer 5 point harness use prevents any seat belt escapes and misalignment when little ones are too young to understand the importance of the seatbelt. Matylda is already very aware of how to escape from the harness, and unfortunately we had incidents like this with other car seats. But luckily she unable to escape from the Diono 5-point harness. Hence having this extra bit of safety keeps my mind at peace.

The convertible forward and rear facing design of Radian 5 gives complete flexibility so the seat can be utilised in the best way that suits you and your lifestyle. Twice a year we travel over thousand miles to see Matylda‚Äôs grandparents, so her comfort also very important to us. With plush fabrics, memory foam padding and a longer seat base, Radian 5 ensures she can travel comfortably on long trips as well as short journeys. Radian 5 also features removable washable covers and folds flat for convenience ‚Äď another very handy feature especially for mum! I had a chance to test a selection of car seats and this is the first one that folds completely flat saving a little extra space in the garage or shade.

Overall we were very happy with using Diono Radian 5 car seat for our baby girl. It provides all we need to travel with her safely and comfortably. This car seat passed our test 100%.


Feb 16, 2020

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