For for the last month, the Vie Recycled Water Bottle Bag has been my 'it-bag' of the month. I take it everywhere.  Which now is only to the gym, the vegetable market and the local health food store. Because of the way the year 2020 has turned out, I pay particular attention to what  I put into my body, place on my body and how everything I use affects the environment. 

Accessory Saturday| Vie Recycled Water Bottle Bags


It does not hurt that these handmade bags made in Bali; that are gorgeously woven bags are crafted from recycled water bottles.  The bag matches my workout gear, and my favourite worker wear outfit too.  It is perfect when you have to bop to the store as well because it is sturdy enough for the Parisienne girl like me to shop like a Frenchie, we all buy the groceries we need for the day only.

They are available in a choice of pastel colours and in different styles and are great for a short holiday, the beach, or just like me for everyday use to take shopping with you. The bags are strong and durable, yet lightweight, and pack really easily into other bags and suitcases. They are made exclusively from recycled water bottles by Balinese artisans, before being shipped to the UK.

 Vie Recycled Water Bottle Bags the' It Bag' of the Moment


Recycling plastic waste is an excellent eco choice.  And these bags have influenced me to recycle better. By making the rules in our home more strict. By recycling old plastic into new, you reduce your burden on the environment and help to keep bottles out of a landfill and our oceans.  After living in Morrocco for two years, I know what it's like to live in a county shocked by plastic bags and bottles everywhere. 

 Recycled Shopping Bag

Each bag comes complete with a bamboo tag explaining their unique 'Made from water bottles' provenance. Vie's Water Bottle Bags cost from £14.95 and are available from The bag I QAM rocking measures 48cm x 30cm x 18cm  and holds more then you think it would. 

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PHOTOS  Jasmine THOMAS  & Sachin Ghataaura


Oct 3, 2020

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