Vivienne Westwood took to Instagram this morning to express her feelings on the ongoing climate crisis and the current economic climate. Westwood has never been shy when it comes to opinions and politics, her punk mentality and aesthetic will always stick with her – proving that it was never just a phase.

As a part of her ‘Diary’ series, Westwood details her thoughts and ideas to improve the world. This morning she addressed us with a speech in which she stated ‘stop arms production’ and ‘stop wars’. The designer wore a light blue maxi dress with statement black platform boots underneath.

Save The World – The Big Picture

In last weeks video titled ‘Save the World – The Big Picture #20’ Westwood discusses removing ownership land and calling it ‘No Mans Land’ in a bid to end poverty and distribute wealth. The video comes in a string of online speeches, which started during early lockdown (also known as March). These are all available on the climate revolution website, once you enter the website Westwood’s passion for social change is very clear. Though you may think clothing and style is her calling, activism might be her true art.

Also on the website are her ‘Pack of cards’, illustrated playing cards that visually express the anger and need for change. Some cards are accompanied with more video blogs from the British designer, once again explaining her ethos. The five of clubs, for example, explains a t-shirt design for the charity ‘War Child’. This discusses yet more political issues and raises awareness to charities Westwood works with. 

Vivienne dressed up for her speech Via Instagram

Andreas Kronthaler forVivienne Westwood

Westwood’s partner Andreas Kronthaler chronicles the ‘Save the World’ videos via his Instagram, providing great pictures of the designer wearing couture whilst inspiring followers. One depicts Vivienne in a strapless black dress, which is softly draped down one side of her body. The dress from the Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood SS 20 collection was designed with the Austrian designer’s heritage in mind. Each piece from the collection is deeply thought out and includes deadstock fabric.

Via Kronthaler's Instagram

As a duo, Westwood and Kronthaler continue to inspire countless fashion fans to go greener and respect the planet whilst still enjoying clothes. The well known ‘Buy Less’ slogan encompasses the idea of buying better quality and making it last longer, part of Westwood’s master plan to save the world whilst wearing considered design.

Via Westwood's Instagram

Hopefully Vivienne will keep up these weekly videos as we slowly exit this strange period; maybe she is the hero we all need.

Find the video diary here and Vivienne's instagram here!

Aug 7, 2020

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