The wedding is a significant event in the life of any bride. After all, all girls dream of a wedding from an early age, imagining themselves in a beautiful wedding dress next to their lover. Therefore, it is so crucial that this solemn day passes flawlessly. And the most important thing here is the young wedding image ‚Äď a perfectly matched outfit, shoes with the most comfortable shoe, a beautiful hairstyle, an exciting fragrance of perfumes, and wedding make-up. If you want to learn makeup techniques, wedding makeup lessons are an excellent recommendation for you.

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Makeup should maximally emphasize all the advantages of the bride’s appearance, and also not be too saturated so as not to overload the romantic image of the bride. Undoubtedly, all the other details of the celebration are also quite important, but the right make-up can become a guarantee of a good mood for the bride. Therefore, it is necessary to approach its implementation responsibly. Many brides prefer to entrust this matter to professionals to ease their already stressful morning before the celebration. However, it is quite possible to create a make-up for a wedding with your own hands, while it will not be worse than that produced by an experienced makeup artist.

Rules for creating wedding makeup

What needs to be done to develop suitable make-up for the wedding? To do it yourself, you need to know the basic rules that will help you create this kind of make-up. For this purpose, you may need to devote at least one day to studying makeup for a wedding.

Visit the solarium.

It is only necessary for the rashes on the face to dry out, as well as to even out the shade of the skin of the face. Of course, for this, you do not need to spend 30 minutes in a solarium every day. To get the desired result, you will need to carry out these procedures only two to three times, and their duration will be about 5-8 minutes, but a protective agent should be used. After all, the bride’s skin should shine slightly, but in no case should have redness from burns.

Have a makeover rehearsal.

Of course, for the first time, you can’t try to do the makeup yourself directly on the wedding day. No matter how many times before that, you have thought through every detail of your image and are fully confident in its success. Indeed, in the end, you may not like something in the created picture, for example, your image in photographs, or simply the result will not be what you expected, and there will be no time left to change the makeup. Therefore, it is necessary to make a trial make-up a few days before the celebration, as well as see how you get in the photo and video recording.

Wedding Makeup: A Step-by-Step Lesson & Guide

Choose only persistent makeup.

A wedding is a joyful and, at the same time, an exciting event. Sometimes the bride’s sentimentality can end in tears so that the mascara is not smeared, and the lipstick does not disappear from the lips after tasting the festive dishes, it is necessary to give preference to sustainable cosmetics. Also, be sure to bring a cosmetic bag with the essential products, because the image of the bride should always remain perfect.

To create a wedding make-up, it is quite possible to limit yourself to eyeliner, powder and lipstick or lip gloss, which can be corrected with your own hands. The result will be beautiful wedding pictures and a video recording of the celebration, as well as makeup that will last unchanged until late at night.

Be sure to apply makeup base.

This rule applies to both the primer and the base under the shadow. This technique will help to make up the make-up and make the face matte. It should be understood that wedding makeup does not imply excessive saturation. Therefore, do not apply smokey in black tones and use bright red lipstick for your lips, since usually, the bride has a delicate and romantic look. It is recommended to single out one thing.

The most crucial point is the harmonious combination of make-up with the outfit of the bride and all the wedding accessories, as well as the central concept of the celebration.

A smile on the face is the key to the beauty of the bride. After all, no make-up, even the most elegant, can be compared with a sincere gleam in the eyes of the newlyweds and a broad smile on their faces. On this day, the bride and groom are the main decoration of the solemn event.

Makeup tutorial

Now we will consider how to create the simplest but at the same time, indescribable beauty make-up for a wedding with your own hands. This option will be an excellent solution for the bride with any colour of eyes and hair. Here is a makeup strategy you can use.

First of all, it is necessary to clean and moisturize the skin. This procedure is required before using cosmetics, even if you did it in the morning. However, do not use too much moisturizer or otherwise, a greasy shine may remain. It is necessary to apply a foundation on the face skin under the foundation and eye shadow, as already mentioned, this will make the makeup more resistant and give the skin a haze. Just a little base or primer is enough, which with the help of hands are carefully distributed on the face. After this, apply a foundation corresponding to skin tone. To do this, it is better to use a special brush, for example, a brush ‚Äúpetal.‚ÄĚ

Face Correction

After this, you need to carry out face correction, which may seem like a rather complicated procedure, and you may also think that for this, you will need to use a considerable amount of foundation for the face. However, this is entirely wrong. After all, the foundation, in addition to its direct purpose, will also be responsible for smoothing the surface of the skin, which will make it possible to use much less foundation in the future.

Thanks to this method of applying makeup, you can get a shade of blush and eyeshadow that matches their colour in the palette, while you do not need to use many layers of the product to get the desired shade. Correction must be carried out according to the rules that apply specifically to your type of person. If you could not find the time to learn the basic rules of correction, you can use the contouring method. It consists in the following: it is necessary to darken the cheekbones with the help of a dark corrector, and also do the same with the chin, edges of the forehead and wings of the nose, and with the help of a light corrector, emphasize the cheekbones, the skin under the eyebrows, the edge of the upper lip, and also the back of the nose.

You will be amazed at how your appearance will be transformed thanks to these simple manipulations. To complete the correction, you can apply your favourite blush, and you can do it with your hands. The main thing is not to forget about the observance of the measure: the makeup for the wedding should give the face youth and freshness, emphasizing its beauty with as natural tones as possible, and not with bright colours suitable for decorating a festive cake.

Eye Makeup

Traditionally, when creating eye makeup, eyebrows are first formed, and wedding makeup is carried out according to the same rule. The shape of the eyebrows must first be corrected, after which the shadows are applied or a pencil in a tone of natural shade, or slightly darker. It is necessary to fill in all the gaps and draw a slightly pointed tail of the eyebrow. To all efforts did not come to nought, it is essential to use a special fixing gel. To apply makeup on the eyes, you should choose the colours that are suitable for absolutely any type of appearance: mother-of-pearl, golden, sand, black and brown.

Sand-coloured shadows must be applied to the moving eyelid, covering it completely, pearlescent shades should be applied to the skin under the eyebrows and the inner corners. For the outer edge and folds of the eyelid, it is necessary to use shades of a brown hue, with which to draw the required shape of the eyes. Shadows need to be carefully shaded, slightly continuing the pattern towards the temples, as well as combining them with the lower eyelid, which should be slightly covered with dark shades.


For wedding make-up, it is recommended to use small amounts of shiny shadows. Therefore, you should apply a little golden or other shadows that have a shine to the middle of the moving eyelid. This technique will make the look of the bride attractive, and the solemnity of the wedding image. The outer eyelid must be brought in with a neat black arrow, the tail of which should slightly continue the drawing made with the help of shadows. A gentle and romantic DIY make-up for your wedding is ready.

Feb 17, 2020

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