23, May 2020 I do not know about you, but there are a few things that I am missing being able to do is get my hair and nails done and eating out. Our team has been keeping each other's spirits up during this Covid-19 lockdown. Yet I would love to pamper myself and have someone else do the work. How are you coping? Do you want to relax too?

What's next for nail salons?

With nail salons currently closed, industry leaders have been working on guidelines that help to plan out the necessary next steps that will ensure salons can considerately operate post-pandemic lockdown guaranteeing that customers can safely visit their favourite nail technicians. Although the situation is ever-changing, this is what the experts are advising on what consumers can be likely to expect when salons reopen.

Daisy Kalnina, Founder of leading salon brand The GelBottle Inc, predicts that "although salons already have a very high standard of hygiene, they will need to step this up further with more rigid protocols put in place. I don't think walk-ins will be permitted and will, therefore, need to operate on an appointment-only basis. As social distancing slots will reduce available nail stations, waiting times maybe two to three times longer when booking in with a preferred technician.
What's Next for Nail  Salons According to the Industry Experts?

What's Next

It's unlikely that waiting areas will be used and instead, clients will need to arrive exactly on time for their appointment and avoid being late. Friends, partners and children won't be permitted to wait, and the design of the salon may be stripped back to necessary interior objects only, to ensure cleaning can be performed more easily. Another consideration is cost, as with a reduction in footfall and salons limited to the number of customers they can service, salon prices may increase, especially as manicures are already an undercharged service."

What's Next for Nail  Salons According to the Industry Experts?
Lesley Blair, Chair of BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) predicts that "there will be changes for the kind of contact that can be conducted in appointments and the set-up of the salon itself which might involve no clients in reception or perhaps no more than two people waiting at a time and there may be no magazines, no paper, no leaflets so it will be very stark. Plus they may stop the nice cup of tea you enjoy before/during your treatment.

Even when it comes to nice towels, these will need to be washed after every treatment at 60 degrees or disposable towels will need to be used. It may be that if it isn't cold, customers should forgo coats plus consider other clothing including jewellery, scarves and handbags if possible. Obviously, we'll have to have some clothing, but risk and the transference need to be minimised as much as possible. It's also important that salons are as safe a space for everyone, so customers must be honest with their salon about whether they've come into contact with anybody with symptoms, or are displaying symptoms themselves."

Lesley Blair is Chair of BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) and has been working with the British Beauty Council, along with the support of Government, to issue in-depth Back to Work Guidelines for beauty therapists. These can be found here.


May 23, 2020

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