It is quite widely known that it is easier to learn when you are having fun. That is why, as a parent, I am a fan of toys that are educational with a fun-spin. It’s the fun aspect which allows a child to play, whilst engaging their mind to learn key skills in the process. Skills such as perseverance, cause and effect, investigation, hand-to-eye coordination, and STEM. What is STEM? It stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Interestingly, 11 out of the top 12 paying jobs all require STEM, and 80% of all future jobs will require one or more of these disciplines.

Let's focus on some stats

The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that children spend 60 minutes a day of open-ended play. Children in Oakland were found to have up to 32% faster brain speeds after 8 weeks of structured game play. Around two thirds of parents feel their children have too much screen time. Columbia University found that when people know that they will be able to find information online easily, they are less likely to form a memory of it. Learning through play helps build memory. Initiative play builds key STEM skills and decreases the reliance on digital screens.

Many parents feel screen time can keep a child quiet for a little while, screens can help parents get a little space throughout the day and can provide some good learning resources. Moving away from prolonged screen time can aid a child’s development, as encouraging free play, free building and free thinking will help a child build lifelong skills.

Geomag Mechanics

That's why, I got very excited when I received a sample of Geomag Mechanics set to play with my child. Geomag Mechanics are created to help children learn all whilst having fun. Allowing children to experiment, master and create their own conceptions helps them learn in an exciting environment. Through science, technology, engineering, and mechanics Geomag has them all in their fun toy range.

Geomag build learning into all their toys and incorporate STEM into the foundations of play.  It is these 4 areas in which the children of today will become the real superheroes of tomorrow.

The Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Race Track Set is our favourite set. It is a unique, exciting and educational toy, which provided hours of fun for the whole family. The system is made up of magnetic rods, steel spheres and elements of different shapes such as cylinders and modular parts. When assembled correctly, you can use the force of gravity to create chain reactions for never-ending fun.  The interactive marble run has 115 pieces and will harness the invisible forces of magnetism and gravity through original and surprising means. The spheres inside the circuit are set in motion by an innovative magnetic cannon that uses the force of attraction of the accelerating magnet.  The motion is provided by the invisible forces of Gravity and Magnetism, without using electricity or batteries. The play experience is based on these fundamental principles of physics.

Aug 2, 2020

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