We have already mentioned this revolutionary Medela breast pump in our Breast Pumps article, but we feel that it is worth exploring the benefits of this Medela breast pump more in depth. Why is it so special? The new Medela Flex is a unique oval-shaped breast shield that can be rotated 360┬░. The exciting development will ensure mums can truly find the right position to suit their individual shape when expressing.

How often you were struggling to find the right and comfortable position for expressing your milk. I had particularly traumatic experience with breast pumps, because it took long hours to express the milk for my baby. Thanks to the thoughtfully designed soft and flexible rim, the new design provides a comfortable and effective seal. However not only does this new design offer a truly personal fit for mums, the new shape also reduces pressure and allows the milk to flow more freely.

Compared to the standard 90┬░, the innovative Medela FlexTM has a breast shield opening angle of 105┬░. This new design provides a more flexible fit to best support women with breasts of varying shapes and sizes.

Contemporary Design

The contemporary design is not only lighter, quieter and more compact, it offers innovative features, as well as promising unrivalled 2-phase pumping functionality that the brand is trusted for.

I also love the fact that Medela uses smart technology to make the expressing more efficient. The app will automatically record the time and duration of each session so that mums can easily track their pumping patterns ÔÇô especially useful for mums that are expressing regularly.

The Freestyle Flex is not only super lightweight, the new design is neater, making it easy to hold and fit into your pocket or changing bag. It also has an integrated Li Ion battery for a more robust design; this provides up to 2 hours on a single full charge = 8 double pumping sessions. The built in USB charging option is a bonus for mums on the go, at work or on their holidays. And that's the feature which all mums on the go will be particularly happy with! Thanks Medela.

Mar 29, 2020

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