Given the current situation, most of parents really struggle to find ways to keep their little monsters occupied in the most creative way. We recently discovered a very interesting and fun way to spend time with your little ones and help them develop their imagination at the same time. Magicube is a cutting edge construction system that turns the concept traditional building blocks into something extra “magical”. Developed for different age groups: 1 1/2+ and 3+ the Magicube collection offers complete versatility and flexibility for all age groups. Providing a supply of fun activities that reinforce those basic skills and a hands on approach to learning.

Captivating themes include some of your children’s most loved TV characters such as the Peppa Pig Magicube. Match up the magnetic cubes to build Peppa’s house and garden. Or the Paw Patrol Magicube, build Marshall’s fire truck or Skye’s helicopter, the possibilities are endless.

For a greater understanding of learning principles, the Math & Word Building Magicube offers Maths and Word building activities helping to reinforce a child’s first numeracy and literacy skills, with number and letter recognition, as well as first sums and words.

Geomag’s Free Building Magicube, allows children to explore the freedom of creativity without boundaries, available in sets of 8, 16, 27 and 64 the brightly coloured cubes allow children to build to their heart’s content as the magnetic cubes attach to each other on every side. This simple, fun and creative play activity encourages even the youngest of kids to develop their dexterity.


Mar 22, 2020

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