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If you’ve been remembering your routines and keeping on top of your wellbeing throughout lockdown,then you are amazing. For me, it’s been no makeup, my comfy clothes, and topknot hair. So, as the end of lockdown neared, a glow – up was needed. Here are just a few products I tried and tested, to feel more ‘me’. We at Style Cartel,hope you feel more you too.


As a lover of all things skincare, due to experiencing the typical teen acne, it was an instant bond when I discovered face masks. During lockdown the love for them has only grown as my skin was saved from a break in my makeup routine, my skin was introduced to weekly pampers and it’s reeled the rewards of the post lockdown ‘glow up’!


My skin has suffered, environmental factors, overuse of products and lack off, lockdown has taught me many things, the benefits of face masks is being one of them! I pull back my hair, put on my paisley pyjamas (to remind me of the summer) put on some candles and my spa retreat in the comfort of my bedroom is in full swing.


Save Your Skin

Skin Republic offer a range of hydrogel sheet masks to suit your skin type and needs. Super charging your skin with vital ingredients such as retinol to combat signs of aging,and Jojoba oil to retain moisture and balance oil production, amongst more. The ingredients differ from mask to mask. For me, anti-aging and improved skin texture has always been my main concern, my skin suffers from dryness and therefore enhanced lines, therefore,the retinol hydrogel face sheet mask caught my attention. Niacinamide is a main ingredient that’s proven to improve skin irregularities, skin tone, and brightness, all while gently exfoliating the skin to reveal a smoother complexion. Hoorah!The retinol mask also offers, you guessed it.. retinol! Retinol is proven to be a multi-tasking ingredient with anti-aging benefits, boosting collagen production, speeding up cell turnover and reducing fine lines, what’s not to love?

via. thebeautifultruth.ie


For your post lockdown glow-up, give your skin that boost it craves with these hydrogel masks, treat your skin and emerge glowing!


Eyes are The WindowsTo The Soul, Did You Know?

Strip Lashes

Have your lashes lacked the love this lockdown? Mine have. I’ve been a lover of strip lashes forever, I love the versatility of different styles for different looks, the affordability, and access to grab a pack last minute if I have to. Fluffiness and flexibility being the main features I look for! Eyelash Emporium at £8.95in Superdrug are affordable, fluffy faux mink, 3D lashes, that give a helpful description per style to what eye shape they best suit. (Great for my tricky hooded eyes) When I tried style‘Act Natural’ I was dubious due to the lash band thickness, unsure whether this would affect the longevity of them. However, the fluffiness and skyscraper length on these lashes were to die for and sold me. I used my ride or die Duo Lash Glue to ensure ultimate staying power and I had no issues throughout the day, admittedly I prefer a thinner band for a more natural finish, but these lashes didn’t disappoint!  

via. Eyelash Emporium


But how do you use them?

Strip lashes are easy with practice, a quick trim to match your eye shape, bending of the lash band for more flexibility, dab of glue along the band, and placement as close to the lash line as possible and that’s it! In my experience it was tricky to begin with despite the know-how, but easy peasy now, practice makes perfect! YouTube is swimming with ‘How To’s’ if you need a visual guide!

via. Eyelash Emporium

Keep the lashes looking lovely and in red carpet condition with the after care set! At only £12.50 this set will be one of those purchases that you wish you made sooner!


Stunt Double Lash Growth Serum

If strip lashes aren’t your thing, there’s a serum for you..Packed with peptides to promote lash length, multi-vitamins to strengthen, and conditioning actives, this serum will give you the falsie look without the falsies. Clinically proven to enhance by up to 79% and at only £10.99, how could you go wrong? Sometimes, just sometimes.. I put down the lashes, and give my lashes the TLC they deserve. I found this serum so easy to slot into my routine, although sceptical at first I have begun to notice a difference in the length already, I’m noticing less strays when it’s time to take my makeup off too which I’m sure my lashes are thanking this serum for. Give it a go and see if you’ll be swayed to the serum side!

via. Eyelash Emporium



It’s Time For Tan

Tan, is my best friend.. it’s the one product that can make me feel instantly better when I apply that fresh layer. My favourite without a doubt, is Bondi Sands Self Tan Foam.With a salon quality, coconut scent, and enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E,you get a streak free application and gorgeous bronze glow. If you want to slay the scene, give Bondi Sands a chance, you won’t regret it.

via. bondisands.co.uk



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Aug 3, 2020

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