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Here are some information and facts regarding our Digital Magazine policies (updated 28/08/15). We promise that this e-zine will always be a place for fun but we also know how important it is to provide these upfront facts:


We reserve the right to remove any previous posts without notice or explanation. We love hearing from readers and read each and every one of the comments we get.  However, any comments, which are deemed inappropriate or negative – including general spam, offensive comments or rude language, self-promotional spam, or other items unrelated to the post – will be deleted without notice or explanation.

Collaborations & Business Opportunities

AFFILIATE StyleCartel is affiliated with,

This means that StyleCartel will periodically post on products through affiliation links provided. In return, StyleCartel may receive a small payment for clicks or a small commission – a percentage of the sales price of sales originating from the linked product. So, if you click on a link and make a purchase from an affiliate site, there are some instances where we may make a commission from your purchase.  Not all of the products we link are through the affiliate program and the affiliate program absolutely does not affect what we choose to cover in our posts.  All of the items we choose to blog about are genuinely things that inspire us, we like and want to share.

Readers: StyleCartel

StyleCartel will not accept any products or sponsored posts from companies that we would not otherwise post about. All opinions are our own and will be written to reflect our true thoughts. Companies and Brands: Before contacting us, please consider if your product(s) is a good fit for the aesthetic and editorial content already blogged about by StyleCartel.

Product/Reviews/Gifted/Items/Sponsored Posts

A StyleCartel is happy to do product reviews of like-minded products and companies in the fashion, beauty, jewelry, interiors, home design, art, and food industries on a pre-approved basis only. You are welcome to send us a sample of your product, but we will only accept samples that we would consider purchasing ourselves. There is no guarantee that your items sent for review will end up on A StyleCartel or discussed in our social media outlets. A StyleCartel will not post in exchange for product(s) but would love to discuss ways to partner with you in other ways. To purchase a Sponsored Post, please see info about Sponsored Posts below. Samples will not be returned for any reason. All gifted items will be disclosed.  Any products which have been gifted or provided gratis to A StyleCartel for review shall be noted with “ c/o” (courtesy of) or “gifted” at the bottom of the post and are only posted if a good fit for the A StyleCartel aesthetic and content.  The post will be written with our true opinions only. Please contact us for specifics on pricing for a sponsored post.  Please email : subject: product review/sponsored post, for a media kit and 2015-16 pricing information.


A StyleCartel loves to collaborate with like-minded companies and brands.  If you have an upcoming project and think we would be a perfect fit, please email, subject collaboration, so we can discuss details and hopefully work together.


StyleCartel enjoys hosting giveaways for the benefits of our readers if the product(s) being offered are a good fit for our readers, content and overall aesthetic.  All giveaways are subject to the Texas State Sweepstakes Laws, and we may ask that you sign a contract in agreement with the terms of the giveaway.  Please email, subject giveaway, for a media kit and 2015 pricing information.


Any of the personal information collected at the time of a giveaway by A StyleCartel (name, email address, mailing address, etc.) will never be sold or disclosed to anyone! As always, thank you all so much for reading our blog-zine and your continued support of material girls living in a digital world!  As always, thank you all so much for reading our digital-zine and continued support of material girls& boys living in a digital world!