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The 2020 summer trends that every woman needs to know

Believe it or not, we've only just entered summer. Sure, some recent so-called heatwaves might suggest otherwise, but strictly speaking, this is a season that begins in the latter part of June. From a styling perspective, this usually has its own repercussions. It's usually at this time of the year in which we see a notable difference in fashion trends, fueled by the umpteen catwalks at the shows around the globe.

Pura Utz X Lotta Liina Love Dreamy Lockdown Style

For most of us this strange lockdown period has felt akin to a dreamlike state and the latest accessory collaboration from Pura Utz and Copenhagen based influencer Lotta Liina Love encapsulates this perfectly.

Shoes to Step Out of Lockdown Wearing

Lockdown is relaxing, we're all slowly starting to go places. The 'new normal' is being introduced. Shoes are essential. We've rounded up our favourite footwear; shoes you'll be proud to step out of lockdown wearing.

Everything you ever needed to know about eternity rings

Eternity is a very long time indeed and to mark that commitment, people have been using rings for thousands of years. This is because rings, by their very nature, symbolise the everlasting and diamond eternity rings, in particular, have always been used to celebrate or cement life’s most special moments.

Regular Wallets Vs Stick on Phone Wallets

Regular Wallets have been in use since as long as we can remember. Most of us own at least one such wallet. We take it along everywhere as it holds the essentials we require as we go out. Stick on phone wallets, on the other hand, have entered the market a couple of years back. Interestingly, these new-age wallets have become quite popular within a short span of time and are giving a tough competition to the regular ones.

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