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What's Next for Nail Salons According to the Industry Experts?

23, May 2020 I do not know about you, but there are a few things that I am missing being able to do is get my hair and nails done and eating out. Our team has been keeping each other's spirits up during this Covid-19 lockdown. How are you coping? Do you want to relax too?

How I Saved My Eyelashes After Eyelash Extensions with These Products

In the last year, I have fallen in love with eyelash extensions, but sometimes I get to the extreme with the lashes I want. Once when I had lash extensions put on the eyelashes where too heavy for my delicate, pretty lashes. 

Top 5 Fragrances To Survive The Lockdown

In these unprecedented times we do all we can to feel better while we stay at home to protect our lives. A new fragrance is definitely one of the safe luxuries that we can treat ourselves to. We picked 5 top fragrances that instantly make us feel better and we hope you fell the same. 

Theresa Edward Founder of Skin Alchemists Talks Beauty & Caribbean Life Interview

If you missed our Instagram live with Theresa Edward, Founder of Skin Alchemists, we talked about beauty and wellness secrets from the Caribbean Life. The interview with the herbalist was very informing. You can still catch it too. 

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