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3 Fleeting Fashion Phases of Lockdown- A Reflection

As lockdown eases Will Ferreira Dyke reflects on a failed fashion rebranded-self. From cosies, costumes to consumerism- he charts how his relationship with clothes changed throughout the clutches of coronavirus.

Covid-19: Is the pandemic the trendsetter of the 21st Century?

Before Covid-19 blew up in Europe, we were only used to seeing face masks in catwalks — Marine Serre SS20 show looks like a premonition now — or on influencers who tried to implement a trend via Instagram. Yet, despite of the thousand followers that these Instastars had, it has been a virus who is responsible for the current, hottest trend: the face mask.

Loewe SS21 Show-In-A-Box

As always, the fashion industry is continuously evolving, especially at the moment where designers have to think outside of the box. However, for Loewe’s SS 2021 creative director Jonathon Anderson has thought inside of the box – quite literally.

Facial Friday Self Care Essentials Facial Masks for Quarantine 

This is one ritual women and men have adopted in the last few weeks. Are you new to facials or bored with some of the masks you picked up on your previous beauty delivery? Then here is a list of a few facial masks you might have missed. This Facial Friday Self Care Essentials and the Facial Masks you need for Quarantine.

Theresa Edward Founder of Skin Alchemists Talks Beauty & Caribbean Life Interview

If you missed our Instagram live with Theresa Edward, Founder of Skin Alchemists, we talked about beauty and wellness secrets from the Caribbean Life. The interview with the herbalist was very informing. You can still catch it too. 


Meet the savvy upcyclers who are behind the IG account @camera60studio, leading the way for the newwave of lockdown creatives. Lockdown has forced us to debate our fashion choices and evaluate our purchasing decisions. Since lockdown there has been huge increase in sustainable fashion ingenuity being shared online, especially upcycling.

Beauty Self Care Essentials for Quarantine 

Having sensitive skin has made me listen to how my skin reacts to different situations. When my mind and body are stressed, my skin lets me know it is time to drink more water and give it some self-care.

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