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Celebrities Donate for StockX COVID-19 Charity Campaign

28th March 2020 StockX launched the COVID-19 Charity Campaign. With household names that will get your attention just like the items on the site. With the likes of Usain Bolt, Lionel Messi, Ludacris and Karlie Kloss to help raise money in support of COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organisation.

Canada Goose Helping the Covid-19 Initiative

Canada Goose is the latest brand to step up to the plate and work on the Covid-19 initiative. The brand is now dedicating all its manufacturing resources in the fight against Coronavirus.

Our 4/20 CBD Hotlist for 2020

It is April 20, 2020, and the entire world right now needs some CBD in their lives. Our something more robust from the same family. We are gathering up the hot list of CBD products you need to know about. So we will spill the tea on the products that our getting us threw lockdown. 

Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty Pledges $100.000 to Support Struggling Make-up Artists

Makeup Artist, Beauty icon, entrepreneur and founder of Huda Beauty, Huda Kattan, has pledged to donate $100,000 to support freelance makeup artists who are struggling during the COVID-19 crisis. This is excellent news for most of our friends in the creative industry. If you had these panic calls from your MUA friend here is what you need to know. 

What to Take to your Next Quarantine House Party Love Yourself London

Now that our home is spotless who wants to mess it up with cooking a full meal. We are enjoying the quarantine, but miss having a take out. Thanks to Love Yourself London we had a healthy meal delivered on time to our door in West London. 

Self-Isolation Style: How to Look Good in Lockdown

Just because we're under self-isolation and social distancing is the new norm does not mean life has to be lived in sweatpants and PJs. We've got you covered on the best at-home looks to see you through this lockdown.

The Fashion and Beauty Companies Helping to Combat the Effects of Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus is a global pandemic that has altered the way we live. Federal and local authorities have urged—and in some cases, mandated—their citizens to self-quarantine, leading to closures of schools, businesses, and public facilities. More pressing, hospitals are filling to capacity and draining the essential equipment they need to treat patients—particularly, surgical gloves and N95 face masks.

BFC and CFDA release joint statement calling to align fashion industry

The British Fashion Council (BFC) and Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) have released a joint statement calling for the alignment of the fashion industry amid the Coronavirus pandemic. From the onset of the crisis the CFDA and BFC have been in close communication, sharing feedback from members and stakeholders.

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