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How to Use Curl Formers to Get Hollywood Glam LockDown Hair

I have to say that I have enjoyed locked down during the pandemic. It has taught this mixed-race girl how to take care of her hair in ways she never knew she was capable of. A weekly hair ritual and Netflix are this ladies new normal how my Curl Formers and Hollywood Hair Obsession begin during the lockdown. 

How The No.1 Chopstick Styler Made Doing My Hair Fun on Lockdown

Now that working from home is the new normal, I have learned more tricks on how to do my hair. The No.1 Chopstick Styler Made Doing My Hair Fun on Lockdown. I smiled while learning how to use the wand. since we had nowhere to rush to I could watch how-to videos and practice how to twirl the wand. LOL 

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