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PrettyLittleThing: Has Launched Modest Clothing

As you know, we love a modest lady and follow all the news in the modest market because it is not always about religion. Cultural and religious reasons may have birthed covered-up Fashion, but today the aesthetic has gone to a whole new stylish place, turning the heads of a young generation of cosmopolitan, social media-savvy consumers. 

National Handbag Day: Going Off-Trend with Beck Bags

Another day, another novelty to celebrate. Burgers, lipstick and now, yes, handbags. It's National Handbag Day and our Fashion and Lifestyle Editor, Amira Arasteh sat down to learn more about new off-trend bag brand, Beck, speaking to its founder and designer Leigh Moose.

Sunday Style| The Five Stylish Track Bottoms You Need to Run to the Store

While we are working on our bodies to look like fitness girl Melissa Alcantara, why not start dressing the part to go to the store and gym. Lately, my work out clothes helps to motivate myself to get back to the gym after sitting in the house for months.

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